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Coupon Samples

Enjoy a $10 Gift Card When You Purchase $50 or More TODAY

  1. When product total meets the requirement (before tax and shipping) you can apply your coupon code in the shopping cart.
  2. Place code in "Enter Coupon Code" box in the "Confirm & Pay" page in the shopping cart.
    To take $10 off a $50 order, enter: 10RPW17
    To take $25 off a $100 order, enter: 25RPW17
  3. Coupon code is case sensitive and must be entered in ALL CAPS.
  4. Gift Certificates/Coupons cannot be combined with each other. (If you enter two coupon codes, your first code will be removed and you'll have to re-enter it.)
  5. Gift Certificates/Coupons cannot be used with any special offer or email offer. (If you received a special email offer and clicked on it, and then you entered one of the coupon codes above, the email coupon code will be removed and you'll have to re-enter it. You will find the original coupon code on the email you received.)
  6. One gift certificate per customer per order. Gift Certificates expire 12/31/2017.

What if Your Gift Certificate Code Doesn't Work

  1. If you entered two gift certificate or coupon codes, your first code will be removed. You can re-enter it. The $10 gift card cannot be combined with any other coupon code.
  2. If you clicked on an email and later entered a gift certificate or coupon and if that gift certificate or coupon increased your total (rather than decreasing it), you'll have to re-enter the email coupon code. You will find the email coupon code on the email you received. You cannot combine email specials with gift certificates or coupons. You may choose one or the other.
  3. If you are buying a product that already has a special low price, that product will not count toward the minimum product total. You will need to meet the minimum with regular priced items before applying a coupon.

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