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Save Over 55% on 12-Pamphlet Download Bundle By Joni Eareckson Tada

For 3 Days Only! Get ALL 12 pamphlet by Joni Eareckson Tada in one downloadable bundle for Just $17.99 (Reg. $ 47.88)

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Downloadable PDF Bundle

12-Pamphlet Download Bundle

Sale Price: $17.99
Regular Price: $47.88

Product Code: 077D

Coupon Code: 12BK417


Gaining a Hopeful Spirit Pamphlet (Download)

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

When life leaves you feeling disappointed and discouraged, the Lord wants to pick you back up and show you the hope you have in Him. Refresh yourself in God's Truth with Gaining a Hopeful Spirit Pamphlet By Joni Eareckson Tada.

After reading this pamphlet, you will be:

  • Uplifted as you hear 4 inspiring stories and testimonies of those who found their hope in the Lord.
  • Encouraged by the dozens of scripture and Bible stories! Find out the difference between biblical hope and wishful thinking.
  • Refreshed as you apply God's truth to your life through interactive questions and reflection activities.
  • Transformed as you take 3 practical steps toward hope and discover 7 ways to pass on the hope to friends and family.
Gaining a Hopeful Spirit Pamphlet
Included in the bundle

Thankful Heart in a World of Hurt Pamphlet (Download)

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Experience the peace and joy that come from a thankful heart! At times, it is easy to be grateful for all God has done. But, in other seasons, thankfulness is not the natural response. It's hard to feel grateful when you are looking into the jaws of mind-bending pain. Chronic illness, a heart attack, a terrible car accident, a special needs child, betrayalandloneliness—These tough times can make you want to give up and throw in the towel.

Get answers to tough questions:

  • How can I really give thanks for all things? Why should I be thankful for a terrible situation?
  • How can I cultivate a grateful spirit?
  • What was the Apostle Paul's secret to a grateful heart? How did he remain thankful after being beaten, stoned, whipped, starved,ship wrecked and betrayed?
  • How is it possible to "rejoice in the Lord always?"

Thankful Heart in a World of Hurt Pamphlet
Included in the bundle

God's Hand in Our Hardship Pamphlet (Download)

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

The world is full of pain, causing many to wonder—Why? Why does God allow suffering? How can a good and loving God allow "good people" to suffer?

Get Bible-based answers to tough questions, including:

  • Why does a loving God allow pain and suffering in the world?
  • Is God behind the suffering? Is he in control?
  • Why do "good" people suffer? Don't they deserve better?
  • What possible good can come through suffering?

God's Hand in Our Hardship Pamphlet
Included in the bundle

Making Sense of Suffering Pamphlet (Download)

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

The Bible calls our troubles on earth "light and momentary." But, this perspective about gut-wrenching suffering used to "drive me crazy," Joni confesses. How could you call not walking or running ever again...light and momentary? But, with time, God transformed Joni's perspective and now she wants to share the insight she's gained with you.

This incredible pamphlet answers tough questions—

  • Why do I have to suffer?
  • How can I possibly endure this pain?
  • Does God really care about my suffering?
  • What good could possibly come from my suffering?
Making Sense of Suffering Pamphlet
Included in the bundle

When God Seems Unjust Pamphlet (Download)

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

You have likely heard the expression, "Life isn't fair." World hunger, abuse, social injustices, and especially personal circumstances of hurt and betrayal can cause you to grow discouraged— even depressed. You may wonder: What's the point of all this pain? And after someone wrongs you, it's easy to think, "I have a right to be mad."

Find out—

  • How to respond in a Godly way to "unfair" circumstances
  • What the Bible says about "justice" and "fairness" through the eyes of Peter, Job, and many more
  • 7 Keys to Praising God When Life Gets Hard
  • How to replace a "Victim Mentality" with a "Victor Attitude"
  • And much more


When God Seems Unjust Pamphlet
Included in the bundle

Anger: Aim it in the Right Direction Pamphlet (Download)

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

"God, why did you let this happen to me?" We all have times of anger, disappointment, and frustration. But when we aim that anger at God, we often end up feeling worse. We know we shouldn't stay angry, but it's hard to know what to do with our anger.

Find out—

  • 8 practical ways to aim anger in the right direction
  • 4 ways to deal with everyday irritations
  • How to be honest, transparent, and even complain before the Lord without dishonoring him. (Gives key insights from Psalms)
Anger: Aim it in the Right Direction Pamphlet
Included in the bundle

Pain and Providence Pamphlet (Download)

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

"God, please just make the pain go away..."

Whether it's a splitting headache or ongoing back problems— chronic pain can be physically exhausting and spiritually draining. If you struggle with chronic pain, you are not alone. The Bible is not silent on the topic of God's people enduring pain. Dozens of passages in the Bible are written by biblical figures like David and Paul crying out to God for help.

Enjoy having this quick-read pamphlet at your fingertips. It covers—

  • 4 Keys to understanding pain.
  • 7 practical ways to deal pain.
  • How pain affects us emotionally and physically.
  • How to use prayer as a powerful tool (Includes 3 model prayers).
  • Key scriptures on God's sovereignty in the midst of hard circumstances.
Breaking the Bonds of Fear Pamphlet
Included in the bundle

Breaking the Bonds of Fear Pamphlet (Download)

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Experience the peace that comes from bathing your mind in the truth of God's Word. Includes sample prayers, simple summaries, relevant insights, and more!

Enjoy having this encouraging pamphlet, which includes:

  • Relatable personal testimonies that share key insights on how to overcome fear
  • 4 "warning signs" that your fear is unhealthy
  • How to develop a healthy fear of the Lord and find your security and significance in Christ.
  • Inspiring quotes and dozens of scripture verses that will encourage you.

Breaking the Bonds of Fear Pamphlet
Included in the bundle

Speaking God's Language Pamphlet (Download)

How can you draw closer to God through prayer? How can we plead God's promises in our prayers without misusing them

With this incredible Bible study pamphlet you will find out—

  • How to pray using the Scriptures. It includes 7 practical suggestions and explains how Habakkuk, David, and Solomon used Scriptures in their prayers.
  • Bible passages for different situations, including health, finances, relationships, desire for missions, and more. (Explains how to let prayer change you and your situations. )
  • What E.M. Bounds, Charles Spurgeon, and St. Augustine say about the power of using God's Word in our prayers.
  • Plus, it includes personal reflection questions that are perfect for individual or group use.
Speaking God's Language Pamphlet
Included in the bundle

When Is It Right To Die: End of Life Questions (Download)

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

What do you do with life's toughest questions? Maybe your parent is terminally ill, or your friend is struggling with cancer. Every human has to face the last great enemy at some point in their lives: death. Butwhencircumstancesrequires someone to make that decision early because of extraordinary circumstances or suffering health, what should you do? Nothing is as heartbreaking as a loved one who has lost hope and is contemplating suicide. A person who seems cheerful one day can slip into despair and hopelessness the next. Featuring dozens of Bible verses, this pamphlet addresses tough topics, including suicide prevention.

Find out:

  • What to say to someone who is struggling with suicidal thoughts
  • How to find hope when life doesn't seem worth living anymore
  • What the Bible says about struggling through the tough questions on life and death
  • Artificial Life support, quality of life debate, and more.
When Is It Right To Die: End of Life Questions
Included in the bundle

Where's My Miracle Pamphlet (Download)

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Have you ever experienced the discouragement of an unanswered prayer? You know that God answers prayers, but what do you do when your situation doesn't seem to be changing?

  • Get helpful insights on how to handle unanswered prayer.
  • Find out practical tips on how to live a life of joy, free from fear, worry, and anxiety.
  • Discover the right way and the wrong way of coming to the Lord for healing.
  • See what the Bible says about healing (Includes dozens of Bible's promises on healing and explains the 7 ways God can use physical suffering for good.)
Where's My Miracle Pamphlet
Included in the bundle

No Longer Alone Pamphlet (Download)

Have you ever felt lonely? Isolated? Abandoned? God designed us to be in meaningful and satisfying relationships with others. But the reality is we can feel so isolated—thinking no one really understands. This quick pamphlet gives Christian advice on how to find comfort in knowing God understands our deepest times of loneliness. He knows the heaviness of our hearts. And with this pamphlet, you will find practical and biblical advice on how to find joy in times of solitude.

Find Out:

  • What can cause feelings of loneliness
  • What can block you from connecting from others
  • 9 simple ways to break out of isolation
  • Practical ways to build and foster healthy friendships
  • Comforting scripture and key Bible stories
Loneliness: How to Be Alone but Not Lonely
Included in the bundle

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