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Time Crashers: Charge to Glory

Time Crashers: Charge to Glory

List Price: $9.99
By author: Michael Brewer
ISBN: 9781584111580
Product Code: L48704
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With danger (or shenanigans!) at the turn of every page, the fate of the Time Crashers is in your hands with this interactive interactive adventure book! Perfect for ages 8-12. 200 pages.

A time machine, three friends, and a dad who is lost in the past. That's the Time Crashers Series. Loaded with humor, adventure, and mind-bending puzzles to solve, this popular 4-book kids fiction series sends you through an action-packed journey where you can learn to trust God for all your choices. In this epic interactive adventure, you get to decide the fate of Ethan, Jake, and Spencer! What should the guys do when faced with the American Civil War? YOU decide! Find out what happens with just the turn of a page!

An Interactive Adventure Book with Bible Lessons

KA-WHOOM! A cannonball whistles past the boys and explodes nearby. In the newest installment of the Time Crashers series, the Time Crashers have landed in the Revolutionary War amidst a runaway observation balloon, an ironclad gunboat, and a Confederate submarine. Readers help the Time Crashers survive the raging battle as they meet Harriet Tubman, President Lincoln, and the brave soldiers of the 54th Regiment. With interactive fun built-in, you get to shape this time travel story. The choices you make either save or doom our heroes.


  • "Choose Your Own Ending" and "Create Your Own Adventure" format allows readers to be actively engaged as they choose how they respond to the characters and situations of the story
  • Kids gain historical and biblical insights as they experience the consequences of their decisions
  • Can be used in creative and entertaining ways to complement history lessons

What Kids and Parents are Saying About Time Crashers

"This is a great book because it talks about God and choosing your right path. I liked the part where Jake, an all-star athlete, throws a rock at a Viking to save a girl. The reason I chose this rating is because it was a really great book and I would recommend it to kids my age, 10, and my teacher would like it too. Kids would like it because it has adventure in it and it is fun to choose the adventure — the path that either saves the heroes or dooms the heroes. Can't wait to read the second one...a Pompeii adventure." — Braxton, Amazon Review

"My 9yr old son has read this book over 15 times already since he got it for Christmas! He can't wait for the next book in the series! This has truly been his favorite book of all time! He loves the "choose your own ending" part of this series. Awaiting the rest of the books to come ~ so hard to do! Great series~ Great author!" — Julie, Amazon Review

Meet the Time Crasher Guys!

Time Crasher GroupJoin Ethan and his two best friends Spencer and Jake, as they go on a high-energy adventure through the past in search of Ethan's dad! How can three normal guys face the dangers of fierce vikings, ruthless pirates, and macho gladiators? With Ethan's leadership, Jake's brawn, Spencer's genius, God's protection, and YOUR help, the Time Crashers can do anything! What are you waiting for? Let's go save the day!

Join the guys on their other adventures—

  • Blackbeard's Revenge
  • Fire on the Mountain
  • Viking Attack

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on 4/16/2016 My grandson will love it.
Time Crashers: Charge to Glory is a book for elementary students. I liked the “choose you own ending” style of reading, but my route only gave me one puzzle. When I reached the end of the book the answers to all ten puzzles were listed. You will want to read it again and follow a different character for another outcome.The 202 page book gives you choices along the way and you advance in the book to the end. Every choice leads to the safe return of the time travelers’ home from their search for Ethan Conway’s father. Each trip they take leads them into another era of time. This book has the three friends land in the middle of the Civil War. There were sketches of the battle in grayscale every five or six pages which would keep the attention of the reader in that time of history. The boys Ethan, Spencer, and Jake met famous people in history such as Clara Barton and Harriet Tubman with a guest appearance by President Abraham Lincoln. My grandson would probably enjoy this book because of
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