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The Tabernacle PowerPoint

The Tabernacle PowerPoint

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ISBN: 9781890947743
Product Code: 553X
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This Tabernacle PowerPoint® is the #1 Tabernacle Presentation for Bible studies, Sunday school lessons, and Christian schools.

One glance at the full-color Tabernacle pictures in this 100-slide PowerPoint will bring to life the story of Moses and the Tabernacle in the Wilderness of Sinai. See the Ark of the Covenant and Mercy Seat, the High Priest and his garments, and the Holy of Holies. The Tabernacle of Moses was a moveable tent of meeting, the place where God promised to dwell among his people.

This Tabernacle PowerPoint features multiple close ups of a Tabernacle diagram that provides an inside view at the Tabernacle of God. It includes an explanation of each part of the biblical Tabernacle, and explains the symbols that are fulfilled in Jesus. This Tabernacle PowerPoint® walks you step-by-step through the pattern of worship, from the Tabernacle Courtyard to Most Holy Place and the Ark of the Covenant. It is perfect for a Tabernacle Bible Study or for a Book of Hebrews Bible Study.

List of Full-Color Tabernacle Pictures in the
Tabernacle PowerPoint®

The Tabernacle Furnishings and the Pattern of Worship

  • Tent of Meeting, including the Gate of the Court and Court Fence
  • Tabernacle Furnishings—
  • Ark of the Covenant Picture
  • Mercy Seat Picture
  • Bronze Altar Picture
  • Bronze Laver Picture
  • Golden Lampstand (Golden Candlestick) Picture
  • Table of Showbread Picture
  • Altar of Incense Picture
  • The Veil

The High Priest in the Tabernacle

High Priest and his Garments—And the Purpose of Each Garment

  • "Holy to the Lord" Inscription on the Turban or Mitre
  • The High Priest's Breastplate with the 2 Onyx Stones at the Shoulders
  • Inlaid Stones with the Names of the 12 Tribes
  • The High Priest's Ephod, Tunic

Tabernacle Sacrifices and Their Meanings

  • The role of the Levites, the Day of Atonement and the Mercy Seat
  • Sin and Guilt Offering
  • Burnt Offering
  • Grain Offering (Meal Offering)
  • Fellowship Offering (Peace Offering)

The 12 Tribes of Israel Encamped Around The Tabernacle at Mt. Sinai

  • Location of the 12 Tribes on the 4 sides of the Tabernacle
  • Location of the Families of Kohath, Merari, Gershonite, and Moses and Aaron and their sons

Tabernacle Charts and Timelines in the
Tabernacle PowerPoint

  • Chart: Comparison of Aaron the High Priest with Jesus the Better High Priest
  • Time Line: The History of the Ark of the Covenant Timeline from 1450 BC to 500 BC
  • Chart: The Sacrifices in the Tabernacle and Their Meaning
  • Chart: Old Testament Symbols of Jesus Found in the Tabernacle
  • Chart: Jesus, the Fulfillment of the Old Testament Tabernacle
  • Chart: Jesus, the Fulfillment of the Sacrifices
The Tabernacle PowerPoint is designed and written to be easy-to-understand and may be used for personal study or by a wide variety of groups. The Tabernacle PowerPoint® is a tremendous teaching aid and an informative guide to teach on topics such as:
  • What it was like to enter the Tabernacle
  • The Pattern of Worship and the furnishings of the Tabernacle
  • How the 12 Tribes of Israel were camped around the Tabernacle
  • Old Testament Symbols of Jesus
  • Aaron as High Priest and Jesus as the better High Priest
The Tabernacle PowerPoint® illustration, created exclusively for Rose Publishing by renowned Bible artist Stan Stein, provides an amazing inside look at the Tabernacle and all its furnishings. But this visual teaching aid not only explains the Old Testament Tabernacle in detail, it also helps people of all ages understand the symbolic relationship between the Tabernacle and Jesus Christ.

See the Rose Publishing PowerPoint® FAQs. These FAQs include help for iPad® users.

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Calling all Pastors and Teachers!

If you are making your way through Exodus and you've arrived at or around chapter 25, this is a resource you need to pick up from Rose Publishing. The Tabernacle PowerPoint presentation is a very well done walk through the Tabernacle for any Bible teacher to use in their classes either on the book of Exodus in general or on the Tabernacle in particular. There are over 120 slides in this presentation and each of them is full of fantastic visuals, clear and compelling bullet points and extremely encouraging application points about the Tabernacle, it's furniture and the high priest who ministered within it's gates. The detail included in this resource is excellent and every point is covered.

The best part: every line is backed up by a Biblical reference to give the teacher and student a solid foundation as well as material for further study. Pick up a copy of Rose's Tabernacle PowerPoint presentation today.
I was provided this resource by Rose publishing in exchange for a free, unbiased and honest review.
Reviewby: The Tabernacle Journey
If you go to the Facebook page The Tabernacle Journey you will see our efforts to reach out to Sedona and our many tourists with a full scale reproduction of the tabernacle. We actually used the Rose Guide to the Tabernacle to prepare the groups that were waiting to enter. One guest ordered a copy from you. It was very helpful. I attached the script we used for our guides. We had about 1000 visitors go through before one of the worst storms I have ever seen here made the structure unstable and the ground too wet. We fight quite a battle here in what the New Age calls its capital. Many were very moved. One Jewish man exclaimed at the end of the tour, "So the tabernacle was all about the Messiah!" --- Paul Wallace, The Tabernacle Journey
I'm a member of a Deaf Church. We're considered a 'mission church' because we are housed within another church - we use their building. However, we meet separately (have our own worship service & Sunday School classes, church council meetings etc). A couple of ladies & myself got together to discuss how we could better reach the Deaf members of our church - more of a 'hands on' type of study. We prayed & decided we would start the new year in January with the study of the Tabernacle, next month the Temple, then study of the cross bringing together the Tabernacle & the Temple showing them how they were pointing to Christ all along. Welll we studied the Tabernacle for about 2 - 3 years. We took it slow making sure everyone was understanding what the scriptures said. At first when we began our research was very difficult locating trustworthy information. Then I learned of Rose Publications. Was at that time your company began having "visuals", a book, wall charts & etc on the Tabernacle. Was truly a breath of fresh air! From our study a teacher at school I worked had several huge pieces of cardboard - I took them totally unaware how God was going to use them (I had these pieces for about 8 months). We prayed sharing with the Lord our desire was for those attending to experience the Tabernacle. It was NOT our intention to mock, make fun of or belittle the significance of His Tabernacle. Our sole purpose was them to experience Him in a different way, help them have a better 'picture' & a closer walk with Him. I measured our small worship area & it was just a little bit bigger than the Holy Place & the Holy of Holies. The lady that team taught the class with me agreed we needed to reenact the Tabernacle. We were able to convert the measurements from Old Testament to our system & used every cardboard piece to make the Shrewbread Table & the Altar of Incense. The items were spray painted gold. All the colors used in the Tabernacle were used. The pulpit was turned on its side & covered with gold wrapping paper. The Lamp we had to use candles. Each member re-enacted the Brazen Alter (mimed), wash in the Laver (sink), changing the bread & etc. Still to this day they talk about that experience. We told the members (we took them in groups) those who were waiting their turn were to be praying. When the group returned they were to pray for the next group going in. Truly truly was awesome experience! Thank you Rose Publishing for all your "visual aids"! You are soo appreciated! --vlcsigns
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