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The Children's Rhyming Bible

The Children's Rhyming Bible

List Price: $14.99
ISBN: 9781628624991
Product Code: L50004
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Capture and keep your kids' attentions with this beloved Children's Rhyming Bible! Featuring joyful illustrations, vivid colors, and a bouncing beat, this beloved Rhyming Bible tells 34 popular Bible stories in an engaging and unforgettable way.

Whether you're starting by reading to your child or they're beginning to read the Rhyming Bible on their own, this is an age-appropriate Bible they can enjoy growing up with! Experience the joy this kid's Bible brings with its:

  • 34 popular Bible stories
  • Fun rhyming verses
  • Age-appropriate vocabulary
  • Dozens of colorful illustrations

From Creation and Noah's Ark to Jesus' Birth and Resurrection, boys and girls will love the delightful rhymes that will stick in their minds and help them plant God's Word in their hearts. Each Bible story is short, easy-to-read, and stays accurate to the Bible. Perfect for reading aloud to younger children, bedtime stories, or even for older children wanting to read the Bible to themselves.

Here are just some of the fun stories included in the Rhyming Bible:

  • Old Testament
    • Jonah and the Whale
    • Queen Esther
    • Moses Parts the Red Sea
    • and more!
  • New Testament
    • The Resurrection of Jesus
    • The Sermon on the Mount
    • The Disciples Share the Gospel
    • and more!

Hardcover, 8" x 7" x .4", 72 pages.

Children who learn to detect rhymes are more successful at learning to read and write according to the British Journal of Psychology.

4 Crucial Benefits of a Children's Rhyming Bible

1. Spiritual Growth

    According to a Barna research study, 64% of born again Christians made their commitment to Christ before their 18th birthday, so you know it's essential to introduce your kids to Jesus at an early age. The Rhyming Bible helps you bring God's Word into their lives in a fun and colorful way that fits right into your busy schedule! With just a few minutes a day, first thing in the morning or before bedtime, you can introduce your child to all 34 key Bible stories in less than a month! Best of all, these are stories and rhymes they won't forget!

2. Rhymers Make Better Readers

    Rhyming is proven to help children excel in reading, comprehension, and spelling, according to studies done by the Interior Health Authority and the British Journal of Psychology. It even helps children with pronouncing words, allowing them to practice pitch, articulation, enunciation, and inflection in the comfort of rhythm. With the Rhyming Bible, you can introduce these skills using exciting stories from the Word of God that they'll remember for a lifetime!

3. Reading to Your Child Boosts School Performance

    The Rhyming Bible will make reading to your child easy, when you know the fun rhymes and stories are encouraging them to grow spiritually and academically. According to the U.S. Department of Education, children who are read to at home perform significantly better than children who are not:

    • 20% more likely to actually read (rather than pretend to read)
    • 16% are more likely to count to 20 or higher
    • 12% more likely to recognize the entire alphabet

4. Encourage Social & Emotional Development

    Reading aloud to your child or with your child is a fantastic way to bond with your little one. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that "much development of the brain occurs in the first 3 years of a child's life" and is a prime time to start reading and talking to your babies. Reading the Rhyming Bible your little one not only helps build the relationship between you, God, and them, but will also help develop positive associations with reading, learning, and the Bible.

The Rhyming Bible makes a great gift to children, Sunday school teachers, church libraries, and much more!

About the Author

A graduate in modern foreign languages, Janice dreamt of being a writer from an early age. She lives with her husband, Peter, in the beautiful city of Bath, where they met at university, and now have four teenage children. She loves to travel with her family, and any free time left over from running around after her ever-active children is spent reading and going to the theatre. As an already accomplished short story author, Janice has focused her attention on religious text. Her interpretation of the gospel has proved to be a revelation for young readers, and parents. Janice's melodic style of writing has delivered a number of successful titles which are published in several languages worldwide. Janice’s family has been publishing bibles and religious commentaries for over 50 years. This has provided Janice with an inherent wealth of knowledge and understanding of the Gospel which is reflected in her inspirational method of writing.

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on 1/25/2017 Charming in Word and Picture
This rhyming Bible offers a good selection of the well-known stories of the Bible. The rhymes are both poetic and charming. The illustrations a colourful, and, again, charming. I think that this book would be an ideal review of Bible stories for children who already knew them well, but, again, would be a great introduction to them for those who didn't. I can also see it as a great resource for those preparing performance programs: often, children sing, but, for those who don't, and there must be many such children, there is the option of recitation. These rhymes are just long enough, and short enough, for the purpose! This is a great addition to the family and church library.
on 1/23/2017 Precious pictures to share
The Children’s’ Rhyming Bible by RoseKidz Books is a treasure for young children. Grandparents will love to cuddle their grandchildren as they read and share stories from the Holy Bible. My daughter is caring for two foster children. The five year old girl has little experience in things of God. She would love the colorful pictures illustrating the most familiar bible stories. Her older sister can read well enough to enjoy the rhyming cadence of the stories. The pictures are beautiful and capture the heart and soul of these well-loved stories. Thirty-four stories include New Testament accounts of Jesus and his disciples. One of my favorites is The Lost Son, aka as the Prodigal Son and The Good Neighbor. Several miracles and event in the life of Jesus will help bring alive the scriptures for these young ones. The “Forbidden Apple” and “The Cross on the Hill” were tastefully done for the most curious mind. Rose Publishing provided this free pdf file in order to write fair and honest review.
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