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Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible

Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible

List Price: $19.99
By author: Christopher D. Hudson
ISBN: 9781628623550
Product Code: 4111X
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This easy-to-read full color handbook gives you a big-picture view of the Bible to set you up for a lifetime of Bible learning. Quickly get a firm grasp of key Bible foundations that will give you a clearer understanding of God and his Word than ever before! Discover: Bible history and culture, people and characters in the Bible, major themes of every book, seeing Jesus in the Old Testament, and applying biblical truths to today's world. Includes over 200 charts, time lines, maps, and pictures. 256 pp, trade paperback, 7 x 9.5 inches.

Understanding the Bible has never been easier! Whether it's your first time picking up the Bible or you read it cover to cover every year, the Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible will have you looking at the Bible with fresh eyes in moments! In just 9 illustrated chapters, explore:

Introduction to the Bible

  • A Quick Overview of the Bible (Including Bible reliability)
  • A Time Line of Bible History
  • Jesus throughout the Bible (See how the Old Testament points to Christ)

Essentials of the Bible

  • Basic Bible Geography (Includes topographical maps)
  • Overview of 100 People and Characters in the Bible
  • A Simple Overview of the 66 Bible Books (and study tips)

Why Study the Bible?

  • Jesus' Life and Teachings
  • Heaven, Hell, and Eternity
  • The 8 Major Themes in the Bible—Salvation in Christ, Living by Faith, God's Sovereignty, and more!

You know it's important to read God's Word: we read the Bible to get to know the Author himself, but it's an intimidating book! With 66 books and around 800,000 words, the Bible is massive and complicated with history, names, and events. Where do you start? How should you read some of the miraculous events and interesting characters? The Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible answers these questions and many more! Tap into the incredible depth and wonder of God's Word with every page of the Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible.

What makes the Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible unique?

Unlike other Bible guides and commentaries, the Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible tells you everything you need to know using clear summaries, easy-to-read overviews, maps, charts, and time lines. Several key features make the Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible the clear and easy choice—

  • Simple easy-to-use format
  • Highly visual (includes over 200 charts, time lines, maps, and pictures)
  • Full color (it makes an attractive gift!)
  • Convenient index for quick reference
  • Flexible—start anywhere in any order

Get refreshed by these easy-to-read overviews of key aspects of the Bible as you turn the pages of Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible.

Self Guided Tour of the Bible Sample Pages

Includes Over 200 Pictures, Maps, Charts, and Time lines!

Detailed Maps That Help Put the Bible into Context

Includes full-colored, labeled maps that show—

  • The Middle East with the Kingdoms of Babylon, Assyria, Canaan, and more!
  • The lands the Israelites passed through to get to the Promised Land
  • Israel and Jerusalem in Jesus' time
  • The cities and countries where Paul traveled

Dozens of Charts and Diagrams that Show Key Information at a Glance

  • Books of the Bible grouped by era and theme
  • 37 parables of Jesus with each lesson and references
  • 13 Comparisons of Genesis and Revelation that Reveal God's Redemption
  • and more!

Time Lines That Cover Over 140 Bible and World Events

This full-color, illustrated time line covers major biblical and world events side by side such as—

  • The fall of Judah and rebuilding of the Temple (same era as Confucius)
  • King David's reign at the same time as the Mayan dynasties of Central America
  • The first Olympic games were recorded during the time of Jonah
  • and much more!

Self Guided Tour of the Bible Sample Pages

Enjoy Having an Incredible Introduction to the Bible at Your Fingertips:

To fully understand the Bible, it is important to know the who, what, where, when, how, and why of all 66 books of the Bible! Enjoy having this easy-to-understand guide that shows key information at a glance!

Who: Covers Over 100 People in the Bible

  • Old Testament: Abraham Noah, Ruth, Moses, Isaiah, King David, and more
  • New Testament: Paul, John the Baptist, Judas Iscariot, Mark, Luke, and more
  • The Trinity: God the Father, the Holy Spirit, Jesus
  • Spiritual Beings/Figures: Satan/Lucifer and Angels

What: An Easy-to-Read Bible Overview

See key information at a glance for all 66 books of the Bible:

  • An overview of all 66 books—author, date written, what happened, key verse, etc.
  • In-depth explanation of 8 major themes of the Bible, including:
    • Human Sin and Divine Salvation
    • Living by Faith
    • God's Redemption
    • and more!
  • Easy-to-understand explanation of commonly misunderstood concepts: trinity, kingdom of God, end-times, etc.

Where: Quick Gasp the Context of the Bible with Topographical Maps and Vivid Descriptions of Bible Places

From Mesopotamia and Egypt to Jerusalem, get an in-depth overview on 7 key Bible regions! Each of the locations have a rich history and played a key role in shaping the stories of many Bible characters. For each location, find out:

  • Overview of its size/climate
  • What happened there
  • Biblical significance
  • and more!

Find out the location and key events which occurred at significant places, including:

  • 8 key Bodies of Water, such as Dead Sea, Nile River, Jordan River, and more!
  • 3 Key Mountains (Mt. Hermon, Mt. Zion, Mt. Olives)
  • 10 Key Deserts (Desert of Beersheba, Desert of Sinai, and more)

When: A Time Line of Bible History

  • How the Bible was arranged
  • When key events took place (and how they link together)
  • A time line showing over 140 Bible and world history events side by side

How: How to Study the Bible

  • 14 tips on how to study the Bible
  • The structure of the Bible—what to know about each genre and how to read it.
  • Bible reliability and accuracy—Why you can trust the Bible

Why: Understanding the Life of Jesus, Salvation, and Eternal Life

Overview of Jesus' Life:

  • Cover over 20 key events of Jesus' life
  • 37 Parables of Jesus (Chart) including the Prodigal Son, the Good Samaritan, the Lost Coin, and much more.
  • 18 Key Lessons of Jesus including forgiveness, heaven and hell, marriage and relationships, and more.
  • 17 Names of Jesus such as the Son of Man, the Good Shepherd, the Messiah, and more.
  • Overview of the final week of Jesus

Seeing Jesus Throughout the Bible:

  • Eve's Offspring Who Crushes Satan
  • Our High Priest and King
  • The Pierced Savior
  • and more

Heaven Hell, and Eternity:

  • The Coming Kingdom
  • The Promise of Resurrection
  • The Certainty of Judgment
  • The Reality of Heaven and Hell

Enjoy Self Guided Tour of the Bible's Easy-to-Follow Format!

Self Guided Tour of the Bible Museum Format

The Self-Guided Tour of the Bible includes 9 flexible and easy-to-read chapters. It uses an easy-to-understand museum format that clearly presents each chapter as an exhibit. Start anywhere at any time! Whether you just want a quick summary or an overview of themes or characters in the Bible, get exactly what you're looking for in the turn of a page.

Here’s its Table of Contents:

  1. Diving In: A Quick Overview of the Bible
  2. Getting Your Bearings: Basic Bible Geography
  3. Grasping the Story: A Time Line of Bible History
  4. Meeting the Characters: A Who's Who of Bible People
  5. Exploring the Content: A Breakdown of Bible Books
  6. Getting to the Heart of the Bible: Jesus' Life and Teachings
  7. Connecting the Dots: Jesus throughout the Bible
  8. Peeking into the Future: Heaven, Hell, and Eternity
  9. Summarizing the Message: Major Themes in the Bible

Self-Guided Tour of the Bible is fully indexed, making it an incredibly useful quick-reference resource!

4 Key Features of Rose's Self-Guided Tour of the Bible

1. Simple Overviews and Clear Explanations

    Experience the ease of having a convenient and reliable guide to the Bible that's concise and easy-to-read! The Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible is not only simple, but expertly researched and put together by celebrated author Christopher D. Hudson (100 Names of God Devotional) to show you that the Bible doesn't have to be difficult to read.

2. Highly Visual - Packed with Charts, Tables, Time Lines, and Illustrations

    Packed with diagrams, charts, simple summaries, reading tips, and fascinating facts, break the Bible down into bite-sized portions that are easy and fast to digest for anyone!

3. Packed with Fascinating Facts

    Find out fascinating facts as you get a solid overview of key parts of the Bible. Enjoy learning important terms, key Scripture, and incredible insight that will help you establish a strong understanding of Bible themes, stories, and the teachings of Jesus.

    • The text of the Bible is better preserved than the writing of Plato or Aristotle.
    • The biblical title "Messiah" (Christ in Greek) comes from the a Hebrew word that means "anointed one."
    • At the time of the Apostle Paul, about 25% of the people in the world died under Roman law
    • The first Olympic games were recorded during the time of Jonah

4. Flexible and Easy to Use

    Discover the flexibility of using this Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible as a discipleship study or as a quick reference book. Perfect for groups and individual study. Save time when you have key themes and overviews in an easy-to-read format at your fingertips! The Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible provides rich information that's clear and simple for your convenience. Includes—

    • At-a-glance overviews of all 66 books of the Bible
    • Outlines of key themes, events, and people in the Bible
    • Practical applications: prayer, how to read the Bible, etc.
    • and much more!

Preview of the Self Guided Tour of the Bible

About Author Christopher D. Hudson

Christopher Hudson

Christopher Hudson is also author of Rose's 100 Names of God Devotional. Hudson has contributed to over fifty Bible projects, sixty study guides and over a hundred books. He has also served as managing editor for best-selling Bibles such as: The Love Languages Devotional Bible with Gary Chapman (Moody); Inspirational Bible with Max Lucado (Thomas Nelson); and the Case for Christ Study Bible with Lee Strobel (Zondervan). He is a graduate from Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL) and is an active teacher in his church for over twenty years. He is from Chicago, IL, where he resides with his wife and three children.

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on 5/3/2017 Excellent Resource for Bible Beginners or Bible Pros
Self-Guided Tour of the Bible By Christopher C. Hudson My personal library has many (25+) books which are brief or complex Bible study helps. Not one of them compares to this 247-page treasure. After I saw it in the Rose Publishing catalog, I decided to order it since the description sounded like it might be useful in a general online Bible study I was developing. As one of the reviewers of Rose Publishing editions, I received this book free in return for an honest review. After spending about 30 minutes looking over the pdf version, I called my regular bookstore and ordered a copy. I only have one objection to the book: it only comes in paperback. However, this keeps the price below $20, so the trade-off may be acceptable if it wears well. Near the beginning of the book, the author suggested that you “think of this book as a resource.” I would add it is a well-organized resource. The chapters are a walk through a “Bible museum” divided into Exhibit Halls. Each exhibit hall covers a specific aspect of Bible study. Biblical places are fully covered with pictures, maps, and charts. Further charts showed bodies of water, mountains, and deserts. In another exhibit hall, a chart shows Bible and world events. It shows Bible characters who may have lived at the time of King Tut. During the time of the Trojan War some very interesting leaders arose in Israel. The Mayan culture was growing in Central America during the time of some of the kings of Israel. Jonah lived at the time of the first of these European events that still occur today. The Colosseum in Rome was begun a year after a great tragedy for Jerusalem. (I know I got carried away with this paragraph – I’m a history nut.) Three thousand characters are named in the Bible. The book includes facts about 100 men and women. The book discusses “the Biggest Character of all – GOD!” It goes on to discuss the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Exhibit hall 7 discusses Jesus throughout the Bible from the prophecy in the Garden of Eden to Revelation. The 8th exhibit hall “peeks into the future - Heaven, Hell, and Eternity.” At the end of the tour, Exhibit hall 9 discusses the 8 basic themes of the Bible repeated in both the Old and New Testaments because “humans are hard of hearing…(and) prone to forget.” Those of us who use Bible helps with our studies and teaching are always concerned with the doctrines expressed. In my general reading of the book, the authors seemed to emphasize our agreements rather than our points of conflict. The author urges us to “Read, Engage, and Apply” the Bible. I would suggest that this book would help a beginning Bible student or a Bible pro do all three.
on 1/17/2017 Fantastic Resource
I’m a big fan of books about The Book, especially well-written books that present the big picture of the world’s best-selling book of all time. Self-Guided Tour of the Bible is one of the best books I’ve read in this genre. Christopher Hudson has done a marvelous job of taking the reader on a tour the Word of God in all its glory. There is a boatload of resources here for Bible readers of all levels. Whether you are new to the Bible or have been reading the Word for decades, this book will enrich your understanding of and love for Holy Scripture. I enjoyed every chapter, but I found two chapters especially beneficial. I commend the author for including Chapter 8, “Heaven, Hell and Eternity” because he actually provides a biblical explanation of not only heaven (which Christians love to do) but also hell (which Christians have become increasingly reluctant to do). And Chapter 9, “Summarizing the Message: Major Themes in the Bible” gave me much delight. This is a fantastic resource.
on 11/15/2016 An Excellent Resource
The Self-Guided Tour of the Bible Having been given a free copy I was asked by Rose Publishing to do a review on their book ‘The Self-Guided Tour of the Bible’. This work is a fantastic resource for anyone who is a serious Bible Scholar or just stepping out into the wonderful world of God’s written Word. My favorite features were how it was laid out in nine different “exhibit halls” of information covering all the books of the Bible and many of the most important characters. There was also an extensive treatment of the history and geography of the Holy Land. I have never read a better laid out book on the Bible so I have nothing to compare it to. It was full of insightful pieces about the life and times of Jesus covering from his birth and his return. This resource would be wonderful for individual Bible study. Overall I thought this book was extraordinary! I enjoyed reading it very much and feel I have learned many things I did not know especially about the land of Jesus during his lifetime. I strongly encourage anyone reading this to think about buying this resource
on 9/26/2016 Awesome resource
The Self Guided Tour of the Bible is one of the best resources I have reviewed for studying the whole Bible. Even someone who is new to the scriptures will find this book easy to use. The author cleverly adapts a gridlike map used in museums to lay out exhibit halls guiding you through the topics. Each book of the bible has the answers to who, what, when and where. Key characters in the bible are highlighted by dates and the book where they can be found. There are many colorful charts-compare prophets or parables of Jesus or miracles of Jesus. Genres of books are discussed and a guide given on how to read different books. Full color photographs, timelines, and relevant maps are wonderful and very useful to the scholar as well as the novice. Twelve pages of a very detailed index make it excellent to pinpoint the facts for which students may be researching. This resource could be used in bible study classrooms of all ages. Thanks to Rose Publishing for the free PDF for an unbiased review
on 9/14/2016 An Exceptional Overview of the Bible!
In today’s growing biblical illiteracy, this “Self-Guided Tour of The Bible” is a superb place to begin or begin afresh in grasping a big picture of the Bible. Christopher Hudson simplifies the complex and makes accessible the challenging. While painting a panoramic view of the entire Bible, he also provides all-important directions for interpreting the Bible, helpful guidance in basic Bible geography, and a valuable time line of Bible and world events. It’s not easy to summarize well key Bible characters and all 66 Bible books. Hudson does this with creativity and flair. He further summarizes the life and teachings of Christ – the heart of the Bible – as well as highlighting Old Testament typology that points to Christ. Focus is then given to understanding the future and the main theological themes of the Bible. Explaining all these in common, everyday language is a real gift. I like overviews of the Bible and this one is exceptional.
Review and Rate this Item