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Samson - Pamphlet

Samson - Pamphlet

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ISBN: 9781628623222
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Samson Pamphlet Foldout

Samson was a supernaturally strong man chosen by God to free the nation of Israel. A hero of the Old Testament, he was also plagued by personal failures and weaknesses that led to his demise. But did you know that this incredible story is really about a gracious God that sent a flawed man to save an ever-disloyal Israel? Enjoy digging deeper and learning how God sent Samson as a type of "savior" to save Israel from the Philistines, foreshadowing the true Savior to come: Jesus Christ. Enrich your study with handy visuals and real-life application from the Life of Samson pamphlet!

Packed with a full-color map, stunning time line and 4 clear reference charts, this Life of Samson pamphlet will give biblical and cultural insight into Samson's story and suggestions on how we can still apply lessons from his life today. Great for personal or group Bible study!

3 Features of this Easy-to-Read Life of Samson Pamphlet

1. Easy-to-Understand: Get a Clear Overview of Samson's Life and Israel's History

    Enjoy clearly seeing the big picture and important details of the story of Samson all at your fingertips! This Life of Samson pamphlet gives great insight into the cultural background and history of the time of Samson including—
    • What the Nazirite vow was
    • The conflict with the Philistines
    • Who the Judges of Israel were
    • and much more!
    Dive into the fascinating history of Israel that repeatedly landed God's people in such turmoil that He had to send a judge to deliver them from crisis.

2. Fully-Illustrated. Includes a Map, Timeline and Diagram

    Packed with full-color diagrams, pictures, and a map to help you easily understand Samson's life. Includes a time line with an overview of well-known parts of the Samson story in the Book of Judges such as—
    • killing the lion
    • falling in love with Delilah
    • killing even more Philistines at his death than in his life
    • and much more!

3. Quick & Easy: Includes 4 Charts That Show Key Information at a Glance

    Save hours of time flipping through your Bible for cross references with these easy-to-read charts at your fingertips! Easily compare and contrast—
    1. Samson's astonishing strengths and crippling weaknesses
    2. The choices of Samson's mother and father that reveal the attitudes of Israel
    3. Israel's cycle and pattern of disobedience and deliverance
    4. Samson and the Nation of Israel—
      • Both had special "births"
      • Both consecrated to God
      • Shared rebellious and disloyal behavior
      • Both called on God in times of crisis
      • Each used by God despite being flawed

How to use Rose's Life of Samson Bible Study Pamphlet:

Perfect for individual use, Bible studies, new believer's classes, church giveaways, or to keep in your Bible to reference when someone has a question. Fits inside most Bibles covers.

Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches, full color, glossy coating. Folds out to 38 inches. Fits in a Bible cover.

Discussion Questions for Life of Samson Pamphlet

  1. Read panel 1. Throughout the Bible, Jesus is called our "Judge" (John 5:22, 23; Micah 4:3; Matt. 16:67; Acts 10:42). In what ways does Jesus compare and contrast to a judge of the Old Testament?
  2. Read panel 2. How many times does Samson actively cry out or pray to God? What is God's reaction each time and how does grace play a role in Samson's redemption?
  3. Read panel 3. Most people that grow up reading Bible stories know the story of pride and betrayal in Samson and Delilah. How does knowing Israel's history in the Promised Land give context to the whole story?
  4. Read panels 4-5. In what key way is the story of Samson different from the stories of the other judges? Think of a time when God came to your rescue when you thought all hope was lost.
  5. Read panels 6-8. Despite God's commandments and warnings, the Israelites still took on the customs and cultures of the other people in the Promised Land. With what we do know about the Philistines, why do you think this was such an easy trap for Israel to fall into over and over again?
  6. Read panel 9. Dagon didn't stand a chance next to the God of Israel, but why did the Israelites lose hope in the Lord? Whether they are things, people, or ideas, what "idols" are people afraid of today? What is one verse that you can share with someone to remind them of God's goodness and sovereignty?
  7. Read panel 10. Why does God choose ordinary, flawed people to carry out his purposes? What should you remember the next time you ask yourself "Will God use me?"
  8. Read panel 11. In 2 Cor. 12:10, Paul writes "For when I am weak, then I am strong." The story of Samson literally illustrates this principle. Think of a moment when you were at your weakest and God strengthened you.
  9. Read panel 12. In the story of Samson we see how God used a flawed man to redeem a nation. List one way that Israel is used by God for redemption.
  10. Read panel 13. Samson is an illustration of humans in their rebellious state. What does Jesus show us about God's intentions for us? Think of one or two ways you could be more like Jesus and pray that God can help you in these ways.

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on 4/20/2016 The true story
This Rose pamphlet titled the Life of Samson gives loads of information and facts in a nutshell through many eye-catching charts, a timeline and a map of the events in Samson life. Samson was one of the best known of Israel’s judges. Many amazing facts about Samson are given such as his miraculous birth foretold by an angel, the fact that he was a Nazarite, and his many physical acts of strengths. Until I did a study of the book of Judges, I always thought of Samson as a hero delivering the people of Israel from the Philistines. As a Nazarite Samson broke many of his vows and was selfish in his pursuit of foreign women. The mercy and grace that God showered on the children of Israel shows us how He used Samson and Israel despite their disobedience and flawed behavior. One chart compares events in the life Samson and the nation of Israel. The cycle demonstrated in the book of Judges of Israel’s disobedience, oppression, and deliverance is shown in a bold graphic. This is a nice compact tool.
on 1/28/2016 Product Review: Life of Samson
The newly release pamphlet entitled, “Life of Samson” published by Rose Publishing is a “must-have.” As the title suggest, this pamphlet provides an account of Samson’s life. It provides a vivid image of how God operates in the darkest of times, shows God’s love for His people, and illustrates God’s mercy and redeeming power. Throughout the Book of Judges, there is a cyclical pattern of behavior that Israel demonstrates. From their disobedience to oppression followed by their cries for mercy, God provides a liberator that delivers Israel bring the nation to peaceful state. The peaceful states is short-lived and the cycle begins again. The pattern is broken in Chapter 13 because Israel has resolved to their state of oppression and are hopeless. God intervenes and shows compassion by consecrating Samson from the womb to be Israel’s liberator from the Philistines. This account of Samson’s life allows us to see how God is able to use us despite our shortcomings. In this story, God’s grace, forgiveness, and empathy are evident. God used Samson’s weaknesses and selfish acts to His benefit. This story provides a perfect example of how God can use “perfectly imperfect” people to fulfill a divine purpose. God not only uses our talents, gifts, and strengths. God utilizes our weaknesses, and our limitations. I believe that you will be inspired and enlighten. This is an incredible resource for personal, Sunday School, or Bible Study.
on 1/21/2016 This is a great character study of Samson
Samson A Review By Robert Bock We all remember the story of Samson learned in Sunday school. This pamphlet takes us beyond the story we learned as children. It introduces us to a more adult version of the story. As children, how many of us, knew what prostitution and lust were? This pamphlet explains the concept more clearly. This is a great character study of Samson. It is concise and accurate. There are many parallels drawn between Samson and the Israelites. This pamphlet read in a carefully and prayerfully manner should also cause us to reflect upon our own lives and see the parallels to Samson as well. There are many conclusions presented in this pamphlet. One being the comparison or contrast of Christ to Samson. I recommend this pamphlet to all who want to understand God’s work through Samson’s life. I received this pamphlet from Rose Publishing in exchange for a fair and impartial review.
on 1/14/2016 A Bible Study on a Page
I think that what impressed me most about this study of Samson was its comprehensiveness, given the fact that everything was included within the bounds of a pamphlet! In fact, if someone were to go on vacation, or to fly abroad, then to find an opportunity arising for a Bible study, the pages of this booklet would bring out the major points, and the questions listed below would give areas for contemplation. I think the author hit the most important part: that Samson, though notably erring, had a great and gracious God who heard his prayers and who used him as a deliverer, despite his salient weaknesses. As is usual for Rose Publishing offerings, there are maps, background information, clear explanations and a colorful, attractive format. We are not left to guess! The role of a judge in Israel is explained. The contrasting attitudes of Samson's parents are charted. The vow of a Nazirite is outlined. All very good! I received a pamphlet in return for a frank review.
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