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Rose Guide To Discipleship

Rose Guide To Discipleship

List Price: $29.99
By author: Len Woods
ISBN: 9781628623581
Product Code: 4112X
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Rose Guide to Discipleship: 30 Topics for Spiritual Growth

Ready-to-Teach • Diagrams • Infographics • Life applications

You already know that discipleship is important. So, the question is not should you disciple, it is how to disciple: How can you help others become more Christ-like? What topics do you need to cover to make sure they mature in their spiritual journey? How do you effectively develop spiritual growth?

Enjoy having this easy-to-understand guide includes 30 ready-to-use lessons on 30 discipleship topics: Becoming more like Jesus, salvation, forgiveness, prayer, trusting God, how to study the Bible, and other spiritual growth topics! Whether you're a new Christian or a seasoned believer, this guide includes overviews of key topics to dive into for a lifetime. Click here to see all 30 topics.

Each Discipleship Topic Includes—

  • Core truth or theme sentence
  • A memory verse
  • A basic Bible study of the key passages with questions
  • A handout on the topic to fill out and take home
  • Graphics: Charts, diagrams, infographics
  • Questions to draw out the key principles
  • Life applications

Featuring simple summaries, charts, and illustrations, this reproducible guide is perfect for the leader who wants ready-to-use lessons for discipling new believers. Every leader knows it isn’t enough to lead a person to Christ, and stop there.

You need to assist that person in their spiritual growth so they can help others become more Christ-like. Covering worship, community, the fruit of the Spirit, how to read the Bible, repentance, and more, Rose Guide to Discipleship helps you do just that! With its practical life applications and discussion questions, believers learn what the Bible says—and HOW to apply its truth to their lives.

Any leader can pick and choose topics, or do all 30 lessons. And you can do them in any order. Each topic takes about 1 hour, so they are perfect for busy people.

Rose Guide to Discipleship: 30 Topics for Spiritual Growth

Perfect for personal or group use. Hardcover, 296 pages, full color, fully-reproducible. Size: 8.75 x 11.25 inches.

What Makes the Rose Guide to Discipleship Unique?

This all-in-one guide is packed with unique features:

  • It is foundational—equipping users with a solid, basic biblical foundation, for a lifetime of following Christ.
  • It is comprehensive (without being overwhelming)—comprised of 30 essential discipleship topics/lessons). Each topic can be used on its own. Each is a standalone lesson.
  • It is practical—suggesting clear, everyday ways to live as Christ intended.
  • It is transferrable—designed so that participants can turn around and take others through the same material.
  • It is creative—utilizing Rose Publishing’s proven ability to use charts, diagrams, and other visuals to explain biblical truths and clarify difficult spiritual concepts.
  • It is group-friendly—intended for one-on-one discipling relationships, men’s or women’s groups, for small groups, and Bible study classes. Also includes printable participant sign up forms for easy administration.

How to Use This 30-Topic Discipleship Training Guide

How do I know if this is the right book for me? Where do I start? Becoming "disciples who make disciples" is the mission (and ministry model) Jesus gave to his followers (Matt. 28:18-20)—discipleship is meant for all believers and the Rose Guide to Discipleship is designed for all with a desire to lead others to a closer relationship with the Lord. Unlike other discipleship guides, this reproducible and practical ready-to-use tool equips both new believers and seasoned saints to lead others into a deeper faith in God.

Rose Guide to Discipleship also includes—

  • Tips for first-time mentors and leaders to make discipleship easy
  • Guidelines to train the lay leader in small group dynamics, confidentiality, etc.
  • Diagram explaining basic discipleship principles
  • Reproducible Forms for small group use, Discipleship Participant Form

How should this discipleship guide be used?

  • Large Groups
  • One-on-One
  • Small groups

5 Key Features of the Rose Guide to Discipleship

1. Trustworthy and Bible-Based

    Sticking to classic Rose Publishing values, Scripture comes first in the Rose Guide to Discipleship. Using biblical principles and Jesus' teachings to create a framework, this guide thoroughly describes and demonstrates what discipleship is using Scripture references:

    • Biblically-Based— based on scriptural discipleship principles (trust in God's Word, love, learning, repentance, service)
    • Jesus' Model for Discipleship— whether used in a group or one-on-one, easy-to-read biblical curriculum easily gives your disciple the confidence to disciple others
    • Leader Tips and Guidelines— includes assessments, "What to Expect" summaries, printable participant forms, "how to's" and more so first-time leaders can use this guide too!

    Enjoy having everything you need for a discipleship program at your finger tips! Using this guidebook, watch disciples actively start understanding and applying the gospel, building a relationship with God, and learning to disciple others.

2. Simple Overviews and Clear Explanations

    Experience the ease of having a convenient and reliable guide to discipleship that's concise and easy-to-use! The Rose Guide to Discipleship contains 30 lessons on 30 key topics, each packed with:

    • Scripture references & memory verses
    • Simple summaries & definitions
    • Discussion questions & life applications
    • Leader tips & guidelines
    • and more!

    The easy-to-understand explanations clearly illustrate terms like salvation, forgiveness, and redemption clearly and concisely. Whether this is your first time or fiftieth time discipling one or more, enjoy the confidence of having the most important topics and resources at your fingertips.

3. Highly Visual - Packed with Charts, Diagrams, and Illustrations

    Don't just tell your disciples and students how Jesus and God's Word transforms our lives—SHOW them. Packed with diagrams, charts, simple summaries, leader tips, and print-and-go lessons, break the key concepts and topics down into bite-sized portions that are easy and fast to digest for anyone!

Rose Guide to Discipleship: 30 Topics for Spiritual Growth

4. Relevant and Hands-On

    Imagine having an all-in-one discipleship book that includes relevant topics & life applications and puts biblical concepts in easy-to-understand words, all while being able to copy and print handouts for the group! The Rose Guide to Discipleship is just what you're looking for. Unlike most discipleship programs or guides that involve plain workbooks and long summaries, the Rose Guide to Discipleship cuts straight to the core of God's Word: 30 lessons on 30 topics that believers use in their daily lives. Enjoy being able to copy and print out any page in the book to hand out to your disciples, students, or group.

5. Flexible and Easy to Use

    Start anywhere at any time! Take advantage of the flexibility built into the Rose Guide to Discipleship that provides 30 lessons on 30 key topics that are clear and simple, and can be used in any order. Save time when you have key themes and overviews in an easy-to-read format at your fingertips!

Rose Guide to Discipleship Topics Include —

    Basics of Discipleship—

    • What is discipleship? Traits of a disciple.
    • How discipleship helps develop Christ-like-ness

    Basic Doctrine—

    • Salvation, Sin, and Grace
    • God, Jesus, Holy Spirit
    • God’s love, mercy and forgiveness
    • New Identity in Christ

    Basic Character Traits of a Follower of Jesus—

    • Loving God and Your Neighbor
    • Fruit of the Spirit: Love, joy, peace, patience, etc.
    • Obedience to Christ
    • Overcoming temptation and sin
    • Handling doubts, fears, and trust
    • Accepting God’s forgiveness
    • Forgiving others

    Basic Spiritual Disciplines—

    • Prayer, Quiet time
    • Personal Bible study
    • Fellowship and small group Bible study
    • Church attendance and service
    • Worship
    • Evangelism and missions
    • Giving and caring for those in need

Rose Guide to Discipleship is—

  • Fully reproducible
  • Full color
  • Easy to use
  • Packed with diagrams and charts

Preview of Rose Guide to the Discipleship

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on 1/16/2017 Wonderful Resource!
I was recently asked by Rose Publishing to read and write a comment on a wonderful book called, Rose Guide to Discipleship. This publication is a great guide answering many questions such as the following: • What is a Disciple? • What are the basic things that guide a Disciple? • What are the twelve things that most mark a Disciple? • What are the spiritual disciplines of a Disciple? • And much more. I found the approach used by the publishers to be refreshing and new. I have read many books about discipleship but this one laid the information out in an easy to understand format and was a pleasure to read. Any serious seeker would find each of the above topics described in incredible detail. I also found this work very informative and helpful. It is well-planned and supplemented with scriptures to back up its claims. The visual helps were colorful and spectacular helping to understand the meaning behind what is being presented. There are study guides throughout to help one to memorize the information. I would most certainly encourage anyone who is thinking of becoming a Disciple of Christ to obtain a copy. You can obtain your copy by visiting
on 1/4/2017 Product Review: Rose Guide to Discipleship
The Rose Guide to Discipleship offers a clear and narrow direction on building upon one’s life as a Christian. It present an honest representation of how to pursue God and living as a one of His followers. Within the 286 pages (not including the appendix), author Lee Woods touches upon 30 topics ranging from faith to spiritual disciplines. This resource does provide guidance by introducing thought-provoking questions and encouraging the examination of Scriptures. Woods does not try to sugar-coat the challenges that one might experience as a disciple; however, he highlights the encouraging passages found in the Bible. He also addresses legalism and why being a part of a church community is vital to a Believer. This is a good read and can be implemented as one-on-one or group study. It would definitely be beneficial for those who may need a refresher. It provides practical instruction on how to build a personal and corporate relationship with God and the Body of Christ.
on 12/11/2016 Amazing Book
Guide to Discipleship is an amazing book, so comprehensive in essential discipleship topics yet compact in delivering the sound biblical truths. I highly recommend this book to all Christians who desire to be true followers of Christ and always wanting to grow in strong biblical faith. This book is also attractive, rich in infographics, charts and colorful notes easily capture our attention and making learning so easy and fun. The content can easily either in short course study or extended study with many scripture references listed for further detail teaching. Most of the other discipleship study books are either too wordy or too many blank pages with questions. The content of this book is well-researched by the writers. I find it a very useful teaching tool to unlock biblical insight which can be translated into practical living for today’s followers of Christ and many years to come.
on 11/22/2016 Lots of Meat on the Bones
I am a little hesitant to review this, inasmuch as there are already many fine reviews on the site. What impresses me, first of all, is the biblical content and the comprehensiveness of the studies. There are discipleship studies that introduce fine topics, but, then, the treatment is minimal since it is a somewhat skeletal one. It occurs to me, that with this study, a person would be very readied, after this series, for comprehensive studies of any type offered in the church, since this is not a dumbed-down curriculum, by any stretch of the imagination. It is, as well, not one that is merely slogans, with no content to match. I always like the Rose books that are reproducible and the idea that the summaries of these chapters and various illustrations, graphs, et cetera, along with the Scripture references are portable is a major plus. Thirty topics means that one may pick and choose, or do a longer study. Wonderful tool! I received a free copy in return for a frank analysis.
on 11/20/2016 Impressed
As a Christ follower there are some things that help in understanding the bigger picture of what it means to pursue Him and what to do with others who desire the same. Rose Guide to Discipleship accomplishes this with lessons about concepts (i.e. forgiveness,prayer) every disciple needs to know and practical instructions on how to approach and teach others just as Christ did.
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