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Rose Book Of Bible Charts, Maps And Time Lines Volume 1 - 10th Anniversary Edition

Rose Book Of Bible Charts, Maps And Time Lines Volume 1 - 10th Anniversary Edition

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ISBN: 9781596360228
Product Code: 314X
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Original Book of Charts Cover
Original Book of Charts Cover

NEW Anniversary Edition of Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps and Timelines, Volume 1 features over 200 Bible Charts, Maps, and Timelines— and includes MORE pages, 6 EXTRA topics, updated information, and a bonus 24" fold-out on Jesus' Family Tree. Click Here to See all 200 Bible Charts .

The #1 Bible Reference book celebrates its 10th anniversary with an updated 230-page edition that features more Bible maps, charts and illustrations than the original! This stunning, easy-to-understand reference book still provides the same full-color, REPRODUCIBLE Bible charts and overviews that made the original a favorite, but in an easier-to-use, updated format!

Plus! It includes over 37 ADDED pages of ALL NEW content on popular Bible topics, including Psalm 23, Lord's Prayer, the 12 Tribes of Israel, and more!

Features ALL NEW content and Updated Information, such as:

  • 6 NEW pamphlets on popular Bible topics, including Psalms 23, Lord's Prayer, Twelve Tribes of Israel, and more.
  • Bonus 24" foldout of the genealogy of Jesus!
  • Our 4 bestselling 'Then and Now Bible Maps' that show where Bible places are located today.
  • And More!

Find Information Even Faster with Its Updated Format

'Rose Publishing has produced one of the finest books I have ever seen. Every aspect of the charts, maps and time lines leaps off the page with spectacular color, incredible accuracy and intricate detail. Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps and Time Lines is a must for every pastor and teacher who wants to clearly present the truths of the Bible.' —Dr. Jerry Falwell, Founder of Liberty University

Features more than 200 REPRODUCIBLE Bible Charts, Maps, and Timelines, including:

2 Bible Foldout Posters: Bible Time Line and Jesus' Genealogy

  • NEW! Jesus' Genealogy—24" Foldout!
  • Bible Time Line—24"

Overviews on Popular Old Testament Topics

  • NEW! Psalm 23
  • Tabernacle
  • Ark of the Covenant
  • Archaeology & the Bible (50 Proofs of the Old Testament
  • Solomon's Temple
  • Names of God
  • The Ten Commandments and You
  • 100 Well-Known Old Testament Events
  • The Creation
  • The Exodus

Overviews on Key Old Testament Topics

  • NEW! The 12 Tribes of Israel
  • Kings and Prophets
  • Family Tree of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
  • The Judges
  • Feasts & Holidays of the Bible
  • Archaeology & The Bible (50 Proofs of the New Testament)

Overviews on Popular New Testament Topics

  • NEW! The Lord's Prayer
  • NEW! Essential Christian Doctrine
  • NEW! Heroes of the Faith: Hebrews 11
  • The Twelve Disciples
  • 1 Corinthians 13: The Love Chapter
  • The Armor of God
  • The Fruit of the Spirit
  • 100 Well-Known Events from Acts to Revelation

Overviews of Jesus' Life and Teachings

  • Jesus & The Names of God
  • The Genealogy of Jesus Christ
  • Events in the Life of Jesus
  • Miracles of Jesus
  • Parables of Jesus
  • The Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount
  • Evidence for the Resurrection

Bible Overview: Books of the Bible and Key Bible Stories

  • NEW! 52 Key Bible Stories
  • 100 Well-Known People in the Bible
  • 100 Well-Known Prayers in the Bible
  • Books of the Bible
  • Bible Overview—Old Testament
  • Bible Overview—New Testament
  • UPDATED! Table of Biblical Weights and Measures
  • 100 Proofs for the Bible

Christian History

  • How We Got the Bible
  • Christian History Time Line

Charts Comparing Christianity to Islam and 20 Other World Religions

  • UPDATED! Islam and Christianity
  • UPDATED! Christianity, Cults and Religions pamphlet

Overviews on Bible Prophecy, Revelation, and the End Times

  • The Statue in the Book of Daniel
  • Seven Churches of Revelation
  • Four Views of the End Times
  • Biblical Descriptions of Heaven & Hell
  • 100 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus

Bible Maps: Then and Now

Old Testament Maps
  • Middle East: Then (BC) and Now®
  • The Holy Land: Then and Now®
  • Middle East: Expansion by Assyrian Rulers
  • Middle East: Babylonian and Persian Empires
  • Middle East: Fascinating Facts and Figures
  • Middle East and Central Asia: 10-40 Window
  • The Holy Land: The Exodus
  • Exodus Time Line
  • The Holy Land: United Kingdom
  • The Holy Land: Divided Kingdom
New Testament Maps
  • Where Jesus Walked: Then and Now®
  • Paul's Journeys: Then and Now®
  • Paul's First Journey
  • Paul's Second and Third Journeys
  • Paul's Journeys and Guide
*Then and Now Bible Maps ® have been updated to show today's cities and countries in red outline.

Bible Illustrations and Diagrams

  • Noah's Ark: Interior and Exterior View
  • The Tabernacle
  • The Ark of the Covenant
  • Solomon's Temple
  • Herod's Temple
  • Palm Sunday to Easter
Christianity, Cults & Religions Feasts of the Bible
'If I could give only two books to a new Christian, one would be the Bible and the other would be this book.'—Dr. Ed Hindson (President of World Prophetic Ministry and pastor on the 'The King is Coming' telecast)

Every church library and every home should have a copy of Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps and Time Lines Vol. 1. This book contains thousands of facts that will enrich your understanding and study of the Bible, and will be a great resource as you teach others about the Word of God.

Product Details:

Product Code: 314X
ISBN: 9781596360228
Size: 11.25" x 9.5" x 1"
Page Count: 230 pages
Format: Spiral bound. Opens flat for ease of use and for photocopying. Copies are limited to 300 per original document, in one church only.

Look Inside: Sample Pages of Rose Book of Charts Vol. 1

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on 3/27/2017 Rose Book of Charts, Maps, and Time Lines
It’s not very often that I say a book is amazing. But trust me, this book is amazing. Never have I seen so much material presented in such an easy-to-access, right-at-hand format. Seriously, navigating the Rose Book of Charts, Maps, and Time Lines could not be easier. Want to access the vital information — including the Who? What? Where? When? and Why? of each book of the Bible, a Key Verse from each book, as well as each book’s outline — concerning, say, the Historical Books of the Old Testament? It’s all right there in one handy side-by-side chart format. The maps are superbly drawn, with “Then” and “Now” renderings that place biblical events in their own and present-day geographical contexts. The Time Lines identify key biblical events within the framework of other historical happenings contemporaneous with each Scriptural circumstance. All in all, this volume is a masterful piece of work. And in all honesty, though I have a library of dozens upon dozens of reference works, this one book is my #1 go-to overview and quick-reference resource because of the ease with which I can find the answers to my most pressing questions. Add to that the fact that with Rose Publications, one purchase provides a hardcopy and reproducible PDF of the entire book, you have in the Rose Book of Charts, Maps, and Time Lines a true masterpiece indeed.
on 8/31/2015 Definite thumbs up in my book
I was very interested in getting my hands on this reference book. I have to admit that I was very pleased to find how many helpful charts, graphics, maps, etc. there were in this book. Rose also allows you to make copies (up to 300 copies, but see their website for full details) for use in your church/classroom. If you are looking for a reference book to help you with your Biblical understanding or some study helps, this one would be at the top of the list in my opinion. The only downside in my opinion is that some of the drawings seem like they could have been a little more mature and less "younger generation oriented". Other than that, definite thumbs up in my book! You can see my very detailed review at:
on 4/12/2015 Plenty of excellent study material
I could get completely lost in How We Got the Bible all by itself. Just that one alone makes my like the whole book. It has fascinating pictures of Biblical archaeological artifacts with timelines throughout. It has lots of information about the Biblical manuscripts and shows a timeline for English translations. It also has comparisons from 20 different Bible translations and gives a description, tells the translation type (word-for-word, thought-for-thought, balance, and paraphrase), and tells the date it was published. I’d like to see a comparison between a few verses, but it does give a good description about each of the translations. Many of the charts are Biblical-based facts and are a great resource for personal study, group study, sermon prep, and classroom prep. There are a few that contain theological information. Some of them, such as Four Views on the End Times, offers various views and doesn’t show a bias.
on 3/7/2015 Worth the buy!
The Rose Book of Bible Charts is a great reference tool to have in your library. It is not simply an unordered and random book of charts; rather it is organized according to subject, such as “Bible Overview,” “How we Got the Bible,” or even apologetics, which contains helpful charts to defend our faith. At the back, there is a huge subject index for those who want to quickly find a chart to use for Sunday School or something of similar nature. Overall, this is an excellent book with man excellent charts for collective or personal use. Many studies are worth looking into with Scripture, and this lays them out in a very nice and orderly fashion. For instance, when studying prayer, there is an first-class chart on 100 prayers in the Bible. To study the basics of other religions, it has the charts. To study other smaller topics, such as the fruit of the Spirit and such, it has the charts. One will not regret buying this book if he desires to search the Word more fully in a concise way. [Advance copy review]
My reaction, as I went through the amazing tables and charts and timelines in the first part of the book, was a combination of "Hallelujah," and, probably, also, "Triple-Wow!" I was so happy to see facts immediately at hand. Probably, if someone is preparing a Sunday School lesson, as I often am, or a preaching message, as so many others are, it is not so much the major facts of it that are the puzzle, since we study those assiduously. It is the supporting facts, or supporting settings, and, since one studies those secondarily, it can take a lot of time looking them up and verifying them. This, I think, is one place that the Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps and Timelines comes in. There is quick verification, right at hand, with no need to spend valuable time better spent on the main theme, on the supporting details. This might, of course, be but one of the functions of this book. I am sure that a person who is simply browsing might also learn a great deal in th
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Review by: Eary Christian Studies Scripture Institute
I just had to let you know how powerful and illuminating your books and charts are. I have been doing research and working at the college level for over 30 years and have never encountered materials like yours - materials that represent innumerable hours of research; materials that make Biblical study and research 100 times easier than I have encountered thus far. They truly are invaluable as reference, as outlines for courses with real content and as solid reference for writing articles, college papers, and books. I truly cannot elucidate the many advantages and sheer comprehensiveness of each book (and materials) I have read so far. Charts, for example, that represent the compilation and intensive research of Biblical history always prove to be 100% accurate and often include little or even heretofore unknown facts. Just suffice it to say that every scrap of material I have been privy to always contained amazing surprises and inexhaustible amounts of information - information that specifically enhances and illuminates every person who utilizes them. They have already made huge impacts of so many young and mature Christians. Several of the people I have mentored through their doctoral studies have sworn by these materials as one of the best sources they have ever seen. I agree with them completely. I only wish I could adequately describe the immense contributions the materials have made to myself and others and to Christian Academics in general. Thank you from my whole heart and may God richly bless you.