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Passover DVD Bible Study

Passover DVD Bible Study

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ISBN: 9781596367289
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Discover how the feasts of the Bible can enrich your worship of Jesus.

Why Study about Passover?

God's redemptive plan is unveiled through the feasts of Israel, such as Passover. Passover is relevant to our lives today because it —

  • Shows how Messiah Jesus is the fulfillment of the Passover feast.
  • Illustrates the Jewish roots of Christianity.
  • Explains history and symbolism in the Old Testament.
  • Opens our eyes to the Lord's provision, love, and care for us.
  • Inspires us to worship God.
  • Points to our glorious future with Messiah.

Scripture says that the Lord established these feasts for all people for all time.

This 30–minute DVD–based study is the ultimate resource on one of the most beloved feasts of the Bible—Passover. You will have an explanation of each part of a Christian Passover Meal. As you walk through the foods, drinks, and activities surrounding this Christian Passover Meal, you will be surprised to see how all of the Old Testament Passover activities point symbolically to Jesus.

You don't have to be an expert to lead this 30–minute session. Perfect for small groups, Bible studies, or personal use. Ages: Young adult to adult.

Dr. Sam Nadler, your guide throughout this study, was brought up in a traditional Jewish home, and came to believe in Jesus as Messiah. One of today's most solid Messianic Jewish teachers, Dr. Nadler has served with Jews for Jesus, Chosen People Ministries, and is now president of Word of Messiah Ministries.

"Sam Nadler is one of today's most solid Messianic Jewish teachers. He brings fascinating insights without losing sight of major scriptural truths. He is doctrinally sound and yet calls for Christians to look afresh for new discoveries the Word. And he demonstrates with undeniable clarity how the Feasts and Holy Days of Israel are of importance to the Church today, indeed, how they are ultimately witnesses to Yeshua the Messiah. If you're looking for practical, edifying, and enlightened teaching on this important topic, look no further."
—Dr. Michael L. Brown, author, Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus

This Passover DVD is just one session from Sam Nadler's 6–session DVD–based study, Feasts of the Bible.

Feasts of the Bible: Promo Video

Click here to view the video on Vimeo.

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