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On the Go Family Devotions: Journeying Together Family Devotional For Families with Preschool and Elementary Kids

On the Go Family Devotions: Journeying Together Family Devotional For Families with Preschool and Elementary Kids

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By author: Matt And Noel Guevara
ISBN: 9781628625011
Product Code: L50006
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Start strong, start early! Building a healthy family and growing your child's walk with God doesn't have to come "later." The first two years of a child's life provides countless possibilities for pointing them to Christ. Nurture your child's faith and your spirit with this 52 weekly devotional for families!

On The Go Family Devotions: First Steps Together serves as a roadmap for a parent's spiritual journey with their baby or toddler while also equipping your with the tools you need to share your faith with your little one. First Steps Together removes the obstacles holding parents back from spiritually parenting their children by presenting 52 simple, structured, and easy-to-follow devotionals. The peaceful tone and honest stories will create an atmosphere parents want to return to and continue. Parents will feel equipped and well cared for on their journey, as they develop a strong sense of confidence in their ability to guide their child to God and listen to the Holy Spirit.

Each of the 52 weekly devotions includes:

  • Encouraging Scripture
  • Real life stories and heartfelt devotions
  • Optional reflection questions (with journaling space)
  • Meaningful parenting insights and interactive suggestions to grow your child's faith (Features Baby Steps and Toddler Tips)
On the Go Family Devotions: First Steps Together Family Devotional For Families with Preschool and Elementary

From the story of Abraham and Sarah to the pivotal moment of Jesus' birth, First Steps Together uses lessons from the Bible to guide parents of babies and toddlers through the most common moments of parenting like pregnancy, feeling unprepared, teaching discipline, finding rest in busyness, and much more.

Paperback. 5.5"x 8.5", 224 pages. Perfect for young families, family ministries, small groups, church parenting classes, church giveaways, and more.

3 Key Features of On-the-Go Family Devotions:

1. Short and Simple: 52 Easy & Enjoyable Devotions

    Each devotion has a wholesome balance of Scriptures, relatable stories, positive encouragement, and relevant insights to set your feet on the path to godly parenting! Experience the benefits of short and positive devotions:

    • Helps create a spiritual environment in the home
    • Equips and supports busy and new parents
    • Flexible enough to start any devotion at your own pace, in whatever order you choose!

2. Bible-Based: Encouragement Straight from the Word of God

    Parenting is a hectic, joyous, and trying time. Authors Matt and Noel Guevara, parents of four, understand what you're going through! They've put together 52 simple devotions for parents that will fill you with God's Word, love, and presence, and teach you how to pour the overflow into your little one with soothing and calming activities. The devotions are made of four essential sections that will give you a rock-solid foundation for godly parenting:

    1. Knowing God: Enjoy reflecting on God's qualities and character
    2. Navigating God's Story: Explore the top stories in the Bible and glean relevant and valuable lessons
    3. Responding to the Holy Spirit: Gain new insights as a parent on leading your children according to the Holy Spirit
    4. Spiritual Disciplines: Learn to adapt healthy spiritual practices into your life as a parent, no matter how busy you might get

3. Age-Appropriate: Designed for Active Families with Babies and Toddlers

    The baby and toddler years pass by so quickly and they're absolutely critical for parents to establish in their child the unshakeable confidence that they are known and loved by you and the Lord. These devotions provide parents with the support and encouragement through real life stories from the authors, relevant Scriptures, and practical tips to give you confidence on-the-go! This devotion has "Baby Steps" and "Toddler Tips" activity options for little ones that may not be ready for devotionals of their own yet:

    • Fill-in-the-blank activities your toddler can help with
    • Key attitudes to demonstrate in front of your little one that they can copy such as:
      • Gratitude and joy
      • Grace and peace
      • Compassion, forgiveness, and more
    • Know when your baby is trying to communicate and practical tips to respond them
    • and more!

How To Use On the Go Family Devotions: First Steps Together

  • One-Year's Worth of Devotions - With 52 weeks of devotions, one per week, you can use this entire book for an entire year and repeat it over and over, gaining fresh new insights each time!
  • Start (or Restart) Any Time — No need to wait for the new year to start building your family's faith! Start anywhere in the book, and use these devotions in any order.
  • Choose Your Frequency — Some weeks are busier than others, and First Steps Together adapts to your schedule! Once a week, after church, before bedtime, or first thing in the morning. Whether you have just 5 minutes or an entire afternoon, you can do each devotion all at once or use it throughout the week.

Perfect for:

  • Parents of babies and toddlers
  • Family ministry
  • Mommy & Me/Daddy & Me
  • Single Parents Groups
  • Parenting Classes
  • Church giveaways
  • Baby Dedications
  • and more!

About the Series

On the Go Family Devotions by Matt and Noel Guevara will help families find opportunities in a busy life to teach God's love and Word to their children.

About the Authors

Matt and Noel Guevara’s story begins back in middle school, when they met at church. Now Matt leads the International Network of Children’s Ministry after spending 11 years as a Children’s Pastor and Campus Pastor. He holds a Master’s Degree in Children’s and Family Ministry from Bethel Seminary. Noel has spent two decades studying and working with kids and families. Her degrees in Elementary Education and Bible have opened doors to work in both classroom and ministry settings. Together they laugh about life with four loud, adorable kids.

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Review by:
Matt and Noel are the parents of four wonderful kids. And they have years of children’s ministry leadership under their belt. And they love God’s Word. All this makes them eminently qualified to write a book for the moms and dads of young children. I love the way they structure their practical parenting advice around the four major themes of: God’s attributes; the Bible’s big storyline; responding to the Holy Spirit; and spiritual disciplines. The weekly family devotions that follow these themes are packed with Scripture, heart-warming and humorous stories, and hands-on activities for children. I’ve never seen such a winning combination of helpful advice and biblical depth in a parenting book! Now that I have four grandchildren ages three and under, I’ll be buying a copy of On the Go for each of their parents.