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No Longer Alone - Download (Make 1-3 Copies)

No Longer Alone - Download (Make 1-3 Copies)

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The Download PDF Version of No Longer Alone pamphlet (1-3 Copies for Personal Use)

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Are you or someone you love experiencing great suffering in loneliness? Do you long for intimate friendships? Joni Eareckson Tada weaves in a true story about a woman who was devastated by loneliness with how she sought God in her pain. There is hope for those who find themselves in a "desert of solitude". Jesus understands our pain because he endured a great amount of loneliness when he was on the cross.

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on 4/19/2017 New outlook
Joni Eareckson Tada uses life experiences to illustrate gut wrenching emptiness. She points to the Psalms. I'm always eager to use the scriptures that Joanie shares in her pamphlets. I have a widows ministry where I run errands and visit and encourage widows in my church and family. There are great many widows who have overcome their loneliness by joining in a Bible study. They find friends and dig into God's word. Loneliness may occur from death, divorce, job loss, or any change in circumstances. "When loneliness is coupled with physical pain it can be a dangerous potion. " Joni quotes Mother Theresa "Loneliness and a feeling of being uncared for or unwanted are the greatest poverty" Joni prays with the lonely and ask God to feel the void. She encourages the lonely to take the focus off self and onto God who then strengthens them to care for someone in greater distress. I enjoy the fact that the photographs in her pamphlets include people with disabilities. I received this for a revie
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