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Downloadable Worldviews Comparison for Personal Use (Make 1-3 copies - a $12 value)

Downloadable Worldviews Comparison for Personal Use (Make 1-3 copies - a $12 value)

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The PDF Download Version of the Worldviews Comparison Pamphlet

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This comparison of worldviews helps you know what you believe and why. A worldview is the "big picture" view of the world, one that attempts to answer all the big questions of life: What is real? If there is a God, what is God's nature? What is a human being? How can we know what is right or wrong?

This chart compares 8 worldviews:
Atheism - There is no God
Pantheism - God is all.
Pan-En-theism - God is in all
Deism - God is a distant creator
Finite God-ism - There is a God, but he is limited
Polytheism - There are many gods
Monotheism - There is only god
Biblical Christianity - There is only one Triune god

Questions compared:
Is there a God?
What is Real?
Where Did What's Real Come From?
What is a Human Being?
Are Humans Basically Good or Evil? How bad is the flaw?
Is it Possible to Know Anything at All?
How Do We Know What is Right and Wrong?
What is Truth?
What is Evil?
Where do laws come from?
What Happens After Death?
Can Miracles Happen?
What is the Meaning of Human History?
How Do We Get to Know God?

Author Alex McFarland, M.A., is the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC. Worldviews Comparison

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