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Life Of Moses Download (Make 1-3 Copies)

Life Of Moses Download (Make 1-3 Copies)

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$3.99 Personal Use 1-3 copies
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$39.99 Churches, Schools, Organizations, Homeschool Academies, Campus Ministries Up to 1000 copies

The PDF Download Version of Life of Moses Pamphlet

Instantly download this pamphlet onto your computer, phone, and/or tablet device!

Experience the convenience of having this amazing Bible Study Tool at your fingertips—wherever you go! Plus, you can read, search, enlarge, and print the pamphlet right off your computer.

Boost Your Moses IQ in Less Than 30 minutes.

"My earnest prayer is that you... may see in the action of Moses an example for yourselves."-Charles Spurgeon

Already a Moses-expert? Boost your Moses IQ in less than 30 minutes with Rose Publishing's Life of Moses.

You may know him as the great Lawgiver, the leader who parted the Red Sea, and the prophet who provided the Israelites with provision in the desert. But few realize Moses' insecurities...his hidden fears and anxieties. Get to know the real Moses: the 80-year-old man who hated the limelight, feared public speaking, and doubted God's call at first.

Life of Moses pamphlet gives you 100's of facts—at your fingertips. Its full-color comparison charts, pictures, maps, and time lines allow you to easily understand Moses' family drama; track his Exodus journey; and uncover his personal struggles. In its thorough overview, you learn Moses' full story and its symbolic meaning without having to rummage through several heavy reference books and confusing commentaries.

Moses gave us more than the Ten Commandments; he gave us an example to learn from. Find out how you can gain the confidence to follow God's will just as Moses did, and discover how God transforms our weaknesses and failures into strengths by getting Life of Moses today.

Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches. Unfolds to 38 inches long. Fits in most Bibles. Full color, 14 panels, glossy coating for durability.

Want to Discover More?

Check out Life of Moses' Visual Features

  • Time line featuring Moses' major life events.
  • Map of the Exodus route.
  • Comparison chart on major events between Moses and Israel.
  • Comparison chart between Moses and Jesus.
  • Tabernacle diagram and description.
  • Chart summarizing Moses' instructions in Deuteronomy.
  • Illustrations of Moses throughout his life.
These visuals provide you with loads of information at a glance.

Explore Key Events and Topics in the Life of Moses:

  • Parting of the Red Sea
  • Creation of the Ten Commandments
  • The Exodus
  • Pharaoh
  • The Plagues
  • The Golden Calf
  • Obedience
  • Hope for the Promised Land
  • Aaron and Miriam' roles
  • Symbolism of Moses' trials
  • Used for?

    • Individual study
    • Discipleship
    • Small Group or Sunday School Class
    • Christian School
    • Homeschoolers
    • New Believers' class
    • Church library

    Why Buy?

    • Easy to read. Full-color, packed with fascinating charts, time lines, and illustrations.
    • Attractive. Explains the Bible visually.
    • Easy to understand. Uses concise and simple language.
    • Fast. This glossy attractive booklet takes around 30 minutes to read. Perfect for the busy person.
    • Durable. Life of Moses' glossy coating helps it last.
    • Convenient. This pamphlet's small size makes it easy to carry inside of your Bible, folder, or binder.
    • Engaging. Life of Moses offers 100s of fascinating facts and study insights that revitalize individual and group Bible studies.
    • Lightweight. Easier to mail than a book, enabling you to uplift and equip friends, family members, and missionaries all over the world.

    Ideas for Use

    Questions for Discussion or Journaling

    • Read "Birth of Hope" (panel 2). How does Moses' story "anticipate" what happens to Israel? How does the meaning of Moses' name confirm this connection?
    • Read "Divine Appointment" (panel 3). How does Moses' life change after killing the Egyptian? Reflect on how your own sinful choices redirect your life's path.
    • Read "Agent of Deliverance" (panel 6). After safely crossing the Red Sea, the Israelites transformed into a "new people" and nation. In what ways does crossing the Red Sea parallel baptism for some people?
    • Refer to "Agent of Deliverance" (panel 6). Who was Aaron? What position and responsibilities did he hold? What was Aaron's sin? In what ways do Christians and non-Christian still practice Aaron's sin? How can people root out this sin?
    • Read "Divine Presence" (panel 8). How does God demonstrate his presence in Moses? How does this answer the question asked throughout the Old Testament, "Is the Lord among us or not?" (Exodus 17:7).
    • Read "The Covenant at Sinai" (panel 9). God traveled with the Israelites through the wilderness towards the Promised Land. What does the Israelites' wilderness journey represent? Do you have your own wilderness situation? How can knowing God stayed with the Israelites during their wilderness journey comfort you?
    • Read "Leading Through the Wilderness" (panel 10). God rewarded Caleb and Joshua for trusting in him by allowing them to enter the Promised Land. How can we better demonstrate our trust in God?
    • Explain Korah's Rebellion? How does God protect Moses from his enemies? How does God protect you?
    • Read "Jesus as Mediator" (panel 9) and "Moses and Jesus" (panel 13). In what ways are Moses and Jesus similar? In what ways are they different? How does Moses' mediation differ from Jesus'? Why do Christians need a mediator?

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    on 5/31/2016 Good insight
    Recently I read the historical fiction about Moses’ sister Miriam. Though fiction it did given insight into the lifestyle of Egyptian slaves and life in the palace of the Pharaoh. Who can forget the parting of the Red Sea on the movie screen? As preschooler we learned of Moses in the bulrushes. Chosen by God, placed in the Egyptian palace to receive an education which would later allow Moses to return and free the nation of Israel from slavery. Forty years in the desert God refined Moses into someone He could use. The pamphlet on Moses was enlightening, especially the information about Egypt and their culture. The chart comparing Moses with Israel on page 3 and an even more detailed chart on page 13 on Moses and Christ are very thorough and will be an excellent resource for bible teachers and students. Moses was someone who talked with God and was a friend of God; however Moses received a severe punishment for offending God when Moses struck the rock to produce water. Though we may never know the reason for God’s severe judgment, page eleven offers several feasible scenarios. I enjoyed the writers take on this material. The map is excellent and has six different colored routes of the Exodus and the possible location of Mt. Sinai. I was given this pdf for my honest opinion in the review from Rose Publishing.
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