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Downloadable Fatherhood e-Pamphlet for Personal Use (Print 1-3 Copies)

Downloadable Fatherhood e-Pamphlet for Personal Use (Print 1-3 Copies)

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Price: Intended Use: You may print
$3.99 Personal Use 1-3 copies
$14.99 Groups, Bible Studies, Individual Classes Up to 20 copies
$39.99 Churches, Schools, Organizations, Homeschool Academies, Campus Ministries Up to 1000 copies

The PDF Download Version of Fatherhood Pamphlet—Dads Make a Difference (Make Up to 1-3 Copies)

Instantly download this pamphlet onto your computer, phone, and/or tablet device!

Experience the convenience of having this amazing Bible Study Tool at your fingertips—wherever you go! Plus, you can read, search, enlarge, and print the pamphlet right off your computer.

Despite what you see on TV, fathers are extremely important in the lives of their children! This pamphlet uses statistical data and biblical wisdom and a good sense of humor to show the importance of fathers in today's changing society. Fatherhood: Making a Lifetime of Difference is a perfect overview of God's important calling for men to be true fathers. This pamphlet shows that God is our best model for fathering, and explains the biblical teachings of love, instruction, and discipline.

Ideas for using Fatherhood:
  1. Giveaway for Father's Day. Has a warm positive message for both believers and unbelievers, while pointing to biblical principles.
  2. Use as a men's small group Bible study. See discussion questions below.
  3. Counseling. Using God as a picture of the perfect father, this pamphlet helps fathers to follow biblical wisdom in areas of love, mercy, discipline, forgiveness, and guidance.
  4. Encouraging for the widower or single father, too. It shows statistics that the father-child relationship is very important to raising good, solid kids.
In Fatherhood, you will find:
  • A colorful, clear, and positive tone. Short and easy to read, this pamphlet includes dozens of key Bible passages on character and raising children.
  • Humorous quotes about fathers, such as this classic: "When I was 14... my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years."
  • Section on forgiveness for men whose own fathers fell short of being loving dads.
  • Ideas for interacting with children and training them.
  • Section on honesty and integrity
  • Statistics on the importance of fathers' involvement with children. Many studies prove that fathers make a difference in helping kids avoid drug and alcohol abuse, early sexual activity, and dropping out of school.
Discussion Questions
  1. TV sitcoms featuring Homer Simpson and the dad on Family Guy make fathers look ignorant and unimportant. There's a lot of disrespect for fathers in today's society. Why are you convinced that fathers are important in the modern family?
  2. Fatherhood: Making a Lifetime of Difference says that even dads in difficult situations can change their children's lives. How can a father be effective even if he is a widower, away on military duty, or divorced?
  3. When you fail as a father (breaking a promise or lose your temper, for example), what's the best way to talk to your children?
  4. Statistics show that involved fathers play an important part in keeping kids away from pre-marital sexual activity. What can a father tell his children to help them avoid sex before marriage?
  5. What advice do you give men whose own father fell short of what a good father should do and be?

Used for:

  • Individual study
  • Discipleship
  • Small Group or Sunday School class
  • Christian School
  • Homeschoolers
  • New Believers' class
  • Church giveaways

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