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Deluxe Then And Now® Bible Maps - PowerPoint

Deluxe Then And Now® Bible Maps - PowerPoint

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ISBN: 9781628625134
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Easily see where Bible places are located today with Rose's The Deluxe Then and Now® Bible Maps PowerPoint®. Features over 50 full-color Bible maps comparing Bible locations with their modern cities and countries.

With hundreds of important places and events mentioned throughout the Bible, you may wonder: Where were these places? Where would they be today?

From the Middle East to Paul's journey through the Mediterranean and Asia, quickly compare Bible lands with modern day cities and countries using interactive transitions for powerful teaching presentations! Featuring full-color maps, the Deluxe Then and Now® PowerPoint provides maps of Bible locations and maps that show the location of modern day cities and countries in red! With its large print, easy-to-read maps, and quick-reference charts, this is one the best map resources available! Packed with over 60 slides!


  • Over 50 Clear Maps of Key Biblical Locations You Need to Know
  • Highly Visual Presentation of Over 100 Biblical Events & People
  • Features 33 Fascinating Facts and Events of Jesus' Life
  • Ready-to-Use Customizable Slides for Flexible Teaching and more!

Find Fascinating Facts at a glance, such as—

  • Abraham's home town, Ur, was in the area of Southern Iraq today.
  • The ruins of Nineveh are in Northern Iraq.
  • Noah's Ark probably landed in the area of eastern Turkey.
  • The Magi (wise men) were probably from Iran or Saudi Arabia.
  • Also, covers over 30 key events of Jesus' life, the Twelve Tribes, and more!

Easily Show Where Bible Places are Today with Full-Color Bible Maps

Old Testament Bible Maps:

  • Middle East, Holy Land (Old Testament), Babylonian Kingdoms, and Persian Empire.
  • Abraham and Sarah's journeys, Jacob's journey, Joseph journey, Moses and the Exodus from Egypt, Jerusalem during the reign of King David and Solomon, and more.

New Testament Bible Maps:

  • The Holy Land during the time of Jesus (over 30 events of Jesus' life and a list of where He walked)
  • Map of Jerusalem at the Time of Jesus
  • Paul's Missionary Journeys (Roman Empire at AD 60)
  • Journeys of Peter and Philip
  • Expansion of Christianity in the Roman Empire

Plus, it includes reproducible handouts. Perfect for individual use or group Bible studies!

Explore 4 Key Biblical Areas with Then and Now® Bible Maps

Those you teach will be amazed to discover that countries they hear on the news all the time were once the biblical nations and cities they learned about in Sunday school or Bible study. Then and Now® Bible Maps focus on these four key biblical areas. You can show each Bible map with or without the modern-day overlays:

The Middle East

  • Assyrian Empire
  • Babylonian Kingdoms
  • Persian Empire

The Holy Land during the time of the Old Testament

  • The Exodus
  • Twelve Tribes
  • United Kingdom of Israel
  • Divided Kingdom of Israel

The Holy Land during the time of Jesus (New Testament)

  • General Overview
  • Jerusalem Map
  • Jesus in Galilee
  • Jesus in Judea

Paul's Journeys (Roman Empire at AD 60)

  • Includes 3 of Paul's Journeys and Modern Day Locations

4 Key Features of Deluxe Then and Now® Bible Maps PowerPoint®

1. Simple Overview of Biblical Locations Then and Now®!

With hundreds of important places and events mentioned throughout the Bible, you may wonder: Were these cities and countries real places? Where are they today? and What do I really need to know? With the Rose Deluxe Then and Now® PowerPoint®, easily cover all of the need-to-know Bible cities and lands, key facts, and incredible insights at a glance! With just the click of a mouse, compare biblical locations and their modern day cities and countries in full-color slides!

2. Click-to-Reveal Transitions to Easily Compare Then and Now Locations!

Wow your students with clear presentations of the major regions of Bible lands and their modern day locations with click-to-reveal features! Equipped with over 60 highly visual slides, the Deluxe Then and Now® Bible Maps PowerPoint® makes teaching Bible geography easier than ever! The "then" maps show locations and regions as they were in Bible times. The "now" maps show modern-day borders and locations in red over the Bible times maps.

3. Ready-to-Use Slides for Flexible Teaching

Use the presentation as-is, or customize it to fit your teaching schedule! Organized by Old and New Testament, this flexible Christian geography presentation format allows you to rearrange or add slides at your choosing!

  • More than 60 slides, fully customizable for flexible teaching
  • Teach on one part or run the entire presentation
  • You control the timing, the speed, and order

4. Fascinating Facts on Bible Locations at a Glance!

Enjoy putting together key events and their locations in your Bible learning! Includes fascinating facts, such as:

  • Jesus went to Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. He was born in the West Bank.
  • Daniel lived about the same era as Confucius and Buddha.
  • On his way to Rome, Paul would have sailed past the city of Pompeii about 20 years before it was buried by ash and lava from Mt. Vesuvius’s volcanic eruption.
  • and more!

5. All-In-One: Includes Handouts and Worksheets for Quick-Prep Teaching

Packed with printable worksheets, tip sheets, and quick-reference charts, this teaching PowerPoint® presentation is all you need to easily educate your class about biblical cities and countries then and now. Includes—

  • Printable slide handouts for easy note-taking
  • Reproducible charts, diagrams, quiz, answer key
  • and more!

Perfect for:

  • Individual use
  • Homeschool
  • Bible studies
  • Discipleship
  • New believer's classes
  • Church giveaways
  • and more!

See the Rose Publishing PowerPoint® FAQs. These FAQs include help for iPad® users.

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on 6/2/2017 Great details
Deluxe Bible Maps Then and Now includes not only the PowerPoint presentation but reproducible class resources. The handouts are a small screen shot of each slide with lines for note taking. But my favorites are the worksheets which are invaluable when teaching especially in the Old Testament times of the Judges. The sheet of fascinating facts gives us clues to the then and now possible location of the Tower of Babel and the Garden of Eden, Noah’s ark, and where Samson pulled down the towers of the Philistine temple. Included are a nice printable table of all the Prophets and a very detailed table of the Judges. This snapshot of information will save me countless hours when teaching the Old Testament books. Probably the most concise and compact details of Jesus life on earth is included. I really like being able to put this much information into the hands of my ladies. An understandable resource for all three journeys of Paul is found here. This PPT was given to me for an honest review.
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