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Four Views Of The End Times 6-Session DVD Bible Study

Four Views Of The End Times 6-Session DVD Bible Study

List Price: $29.99
Author: Timothy Paul Jones PhD
ISBN: 9781596364240
Product Code: 770DV
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Four Views of the End Times DVD Bible Study is a fantastic 6-session video that explains the 4 major ways Christians over the centuries have viewed Book of Revelation and the end times. This end-times group study is perfect for Bible studies, adult Sunday school curriculum, and Christian school Bible classes.

Book of Revelation Video Bible Study

The Four Views of the End Times DVD is a good Book of Revelation video that includes six 15-20 minute Bible study video sessions and a printable PDF of the Four Views of the End-Times Leader Guide. This end-times Bible study also includes printable PDF files for promotional material: posters, fliers, handouts, bulletin inserts, and banners.

What Does this End-Times Bible Study Cover

People want to know: What does the Bible actually say about the end times that lead to the return of Jesus Christ? The differing ideas that divide believers into four major points-of-view are examined in this Four Views of the End Times DVD Bible Study. This video Bible study tackles the four most popular eschatological views. It describes each end-times view objectively.

6 Sessions in Four Views of the End Times DVD Bible Study

The video portion of each session is 15-to-20 minutes. The optional discussion questions listed in the printable PDF Four Views DVD Leader Guide (included) give you enough information for 30-60 minutes of discussion.

  1. Keeping Our Eyes on Jesus, the Focus of the Gospel
  2. What do Christians Agree Upon When it Comes to the End of the World?
  3. Amillennialism
  4. Dispensational Premillennialism
  5. Historical Premillennialism
  6. Postmillennialism

Professor Timothy Paul Jones answers your questions about the Book of Revelation and End-Times Prophecy

This End-Times Bible Study is Easy to Lead

You don't have to be the expert. Common questions and answers are handled as part of each session, so you don’t need to know all the answers. An optional participant guide not only has all of the discussion questions and a summary of each session, it also gives additional information for people who want to dig deeper.

Professor Timothy Paul Jones adds a touch of humor when teaching on the end-times

This is the $29.99 DVD and includes a Printable PDF Leader Guide. Printed leader guide and participant guides are available separately.

Four Views of the End Times DVD Bible Study Comparison Chart

Get the DVD only or get a complete kit that includes one each of all components.

Component Complete Kit with One Each of All Components - $89.99
Product Code: 770X
ISBN 9781596364127
DVD Only + Printable PDF Leader Guide
Product Code: 770DV
ISBN 9781596364240
Six sessions on DVD - $29.99
1 Printed Leader Guide* - $14.99
80 pages; Not reproducible; ISBN 9781596364257
1 Printed Participant Guide* - $8.99
96 pages; Not reproducible: ISBN 9781596364264
PDF of Leader Guide (digital file)
PDF of Participant Guide (digital file) - $9.99 for up to 5 copies Online Online
PowerPoint on CD-ROM* - $39.99 value
120 slides; Not reproducible; ISBN 9781596363014
PDF files for posters, fliers, handouts, bulletin inserts, and banners
Four Views of the End Times pamphlet* - $3.99
A fold-out reference chart that fits inside a Bible; Not reproducible; ISBN 9781596360891
*Also Sold Separately

All Available Components in the Four Views of the End Times DVD Bible Study Complete Kit ($89.99)

About speaker and author of Four Views of the End Times DVD, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones:

Dr. Jones serves as Professor of Leadership and Church Ministry at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He holds a bachelor's and master's degrees in biblical literature and pastoral ministry, and has earned a doctorate in educational leadership from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dr. Jones has written numerous books, including Christian History Made Easy, Answers to The Da Vinci Code (Rose Publishing) and co-authored The Da Vinci Codebreaker (Bethany House), Prayers Jesus Prayed (Servant Publications), Praying Like the Jew, Jesus (Messianic Jewish Publications), Finding God in a Galaxy Far, Far Away (Multnomah Press), Hullabaloo: Reflections from the Intersection of Faith and Life (Cook Communications), and Misquoting Truth: A Guide to the Fallacies of Bart Ehrman's "Misquoting Jesus" (InterVarsity Press).

Endorsements for Timothy Paul Jones's End-Times Video

"Dr. Jones is a very good teacher. He stays on topic and shows many slides that add to the presentation. At the end of each session Jones answers one or two common questions about the topic covered in that session. He talks fast but he’s easy to follow. The DVD is great for private or group study. "
Randy Brown
Bible Buyer Guide Blogger, (Received an advanced reader copy for review)

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Review by:
Being an architect, I am a very visual kind of thinker. I love how Rose Publishing uses pictures, graphs and charts to my advantage. This strongly supports my kind of learning. The use of Rose Publishing’s DVD's is something new for me. What a great way to dive deeper into His Word. I have now been starting to use these digital tools in conjunction with my iPad. What a great way to sit back on my lunch break and listen to Feasts of the Bible, Christian History Made Easy, or Christianity, Cults and Religions. Wonderful stuff! One of my favorite topics is the End Times…I full heartily encourage use of Rose Publishing's materials for your personal growth in better understanding the Bible.
Review by:
Dr. Jones is a very good teacher. He stays on topic and shows many slides that add to the presentation. At the end of each session Jones answers one or two common questions about the topic covered in that session. He talks fast but he’s easy to follow. The DVD is great for private or group study.
Review by:
We appreciated the way Timothy Paul Jones presented the Four Views of the End Times. He didn't try to persuade us to think a certain way, but he simply gave us the information on each view, without bias, and brought us back to Jesus and his work of redemption. When our relationship with Christ is in order, the time of the end seems insignificant. Jones really conveyed that message loud and clear.
Review by: "On the Bookshelf" WTBF-AM/FM Troy, AL
Doc Kirby (radio host, WTBF-AM/FM, Troy, AL.) Book Bit for Dec. 21, 2010 So is the world really going to end Dec. 21, 2012, as the ancient Mayan calender has been interpreted to predict? What does the Bible say about the “End of Days”? And why are Christians divided on what the Bible teaches about the Last Days? In every generation since the resurrection and ascension of Jesus, God's people wondered when Christ would return and how would God make things right in the world. The Bible doesn't give any specifics about the Second Coming (and in fact, Jesus Himself stated that it was not up to Him but to the Father as to when that would occur.) This has not stopped endless speculation over the centuries, of course. There are four different Revelation 'timelines” with impressive names (which are very mysterious to those who aren't Christians): Pre-millennialism, Post-Millennialism, Historical Pre-millennialism, and Amillennialism. A handy pamphlet which will fit in most Bibles and is based on this series makes it much easier to tell the differences and to see the similarities when they exist). All four interpretations agree: Jesus will physically return, and that only those who claim Christ as Lord will be saved.. All but the Dispensational Premillennialist believe that the Rapture and Second Coming are simultaneous; while they believe that they are events separated by seven years. The Amillennialists and the PostMillennialists believe the great tribulation refers to conflict between good and evil, often involving the persecution of Christians, or wars and disasters., and that the “millennium” refers to a period of peace when all people are reached by the Gospel or to the reign of Christ in the hearts of His believers. The Dispensational and Historical Premillennialists believe there will be a historical era of seven years which will be called the Great Tribulation, and that afterward Christ will return and physically reign on Earth for 1,000 years. The Dispensationalists believe that the modern state of Israel is relevant to the prophecies in Revelation, which explains their strong support for Israel, while the other three views do not see a critical role for Israel. Historical Premillennialism is the earliest view of the end times, emerging at the end of the first century AD. Postmillennialism may have been popular as early as 300, but is less popular today. Amillennialism was popularized in AD 400, and it continues to be the view of most Christians in the world (Catholics, Orthodox and in the Protestants, the Lutherans and Anglicans.) Dispensational Premillennialism became popular about 1860, and support was dramatically expanded due to the Scofield Bible. It remains the most popular among evangelicals and charismatics, especially in America.
Review by: Union University
Timothy Paul Jones is to be congratulated on the publication of FOUR VIEWS OF THE END TIMES. This insightful new work will provide both clarity and conviction for many who are often confused by the complexities of eschatology. Jones guides his readers to an understanding each of the four major eschatological viewpoints, masterfully explaining the strengths and biblical truths found in each of the various systems. Most importantly, this volume goes beyond a mere survey of different views of the end times by reaffirming a steadfast hope in the promises of God's Word and encouraging readers to live faithfully in light of the forthcoming consummation of God's kingdom. David Dockery---President of Union University
Review by:
"As usual, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones makes it look easy to discuss the hard things. With Four Views of the End Times, Dr. Jones delivers a truly absorbing, Jesus-focused exploration of the book of Revelation--and our part in the days to come. This is the resource that every Christian should own--and share with friends, family, neighbors...everyone. Highly recommended." Mike Nappa---bestselling and award winning author of The Prayer of Jesus and The Courage to be Christian