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Complete Kit For Christian History Made Easy 12-Session DVD Bible Study

Complete Kit For Christian History Made Easy 12-Session DVD Bible Study

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Author: Timothy Paul Jones PhD
ISBN: 9781596365254
Product Code: 157X
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This complete kit for Christian History Made Easy DVD Bible Study includes a fantastic 12-session video that explains the key people and events in Christian history from the time to Jesus to modern day. This Church History small group study is perfect for Bible studies, adult Sunday school curriculum, Christian school Bible classes, and homeschool history curriculum.

Christian History Made Easy DVD Bible Study Complete Kit

Learn About the People and Events From Church History
Every Christian Should Know

In this 12-session Christian History Made Easy video, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones takes you through the most important events in Church history from the time of the Jesus and the disciples to today. He brings to life Christian history—the fascinating people and events that shaped our faith and the history of the church.

This isn’t dry names and dates. It’s full of dramatic stories told with a touch of humor. This Christian History curriculum, based on Dr. Jones’s popular award-winning book Christian History Made Easy, ties in spiritual lessons believers can glean by looking at the past. Church history shows how God was and is still working in his church despite all the ups and downs.

Trailer for: Christian History Made Easy DVD Bible Study

8 Key Christian History Facts in This Christian History DVD Curriculum

  1. The Fascinating Stories of People such as St. Patrick, Martin Luther, and Augustine.

  2. People who Changed History: Constantine, Charlemagne, and Francis of Assisi

  3. How We Got the Bible in English — John Wycliffe, William Tyndale and others.

  4. The Middle Ages and the Protestant Reformation: Kings and Queens, Monks and Reformers

  5. Where church doctrines and practices originated.

  6. How the Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant churches came to be.

  7. How the Scientific Revolution affected Christianity.

  8. How Christianity Spread Around the World.

Sample Video Clip about St. Patrick from Christian History Made Easy Curriculum DVD - 2 minutes

Overview of the 12 Sessions: Christian History Made Easy Curriculum

The 12 sessions cover major eras and topics with plenty of stories and humor. You’ll cover the early church, monasticism, medieval conflicts, the Protestant Reformation, the Great Awakening, 19th-century missions, modernity, and postmodernism.

You don’t have to be an expert to lead this 12-session study. Perfect for Bible studies, adult Sunday school curriculum, Christian school Bible classes, and homeschool history curriculum.

The 12 Sessions in Christian History Made Easy DVD Bible Study

  1. The First Christians, AD 1–100 — Nero; the Persecution of Early Christians; and the Fall of Jerusalem

  2. Defending the Truth, AD 100–300 — Four Heresies within the Early Church; Jesus' Divinity; and the Bible's Authenticity

  3. From Persecuted to Preferred, AD 300–500 — Constantine; the Legalization of Christianity; and the Council of Nicaea

  4. Christianity on the Move, AD 300–500 — Gregory of Nazianzus; Fall of the Roman Empire; and Augustine

  5. A Church Divided, AD 500–1300 — Roman Church vs. Eastern Church; Charlemagne; and the Crusades

  6. God's Work Goes On, AD 500–1300 — Boniface; St. Francis of Assisi; and Thomas Aquinas

  7. Everything Falls Apart, AD 1300–1500 — Hundred Years' War; Bubonic Plague; and John Wycliffe

  8. The Reformation, AD 1500–1600 — Martin Luther; John Calvin; and William Tyndale

  9. Post-Reformation Growing Pains, AD 1600–1700 — Arminianism vs. Calvinism; Puritans; John Bunyan; and William Wilberforce

  10. Revolutions in the New World, AD 1600–1700 — Pilgrims; Deism; John Wesley; Jonathan Edwards; George Whitefield; and The Great Awakening

  11. Ageless Faith in an Age of Reason, AD 1700–1900 — The Enlightenment; William Carey; D. L. Moody; and Charles Spurgeon

  12. A Global Gospel, AD 1900–Present — Pentecostalism; Liberalism vs. Fundamentalism; Dietrich Bonhoeffer; and Billy Graham

Christian History Made Easy DVD Bible Study Complete Kit Contains Everything You Need:

  • All 12 Sessions on DVD. (Twelve 30-minute videos.)

  • 1 — Leader Guide

  • 1 — Participant Guide

  • 1 — Christian History Made Easy handbook. This full-color, 224-page book by Timothy Paul Jones tells additional stories that shaped Christian history.

  • 1 — Christian History Made Easy PowerPoint presentation to give the leader optional material -- such as additional images and information -- to go deeper into the topic.

  • 1 — CD-ROM containing printable PDFs of promotional posters, banners, fliers, handouts, and bulletin inserts.

Sample Video Clip "The Real St. Nicholas" from Christian History Made Easy DVD Curriculum - 2 minutes

About the Author: Dr. Timothy Paul Jones

Dr. Timothy Paul Jones

Timothy Paul Jones serves as the C. Edwin Gheens Professor of Christian Ministry and as associate vice president at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the flagship school of the Southern Baptist Convention and one of the largest seminaries in the world. Before teaching at Southern Seminary, Dr. Jones led churches in Missouri and Oklahoma as a pastor and an associate pastor.

Dr. Jones has authored or coauthored more than a dozen books in the fields of family ministry and apologetics, including the CBA bestseller The Da Vinci Codebreaker. In 2007, Charles Colson listed him as one of “four names you need to know” when responding to the new atheists. Christian Retailing Magazine awarded Jones top honors in 2010 in the Christian education category for his book Christian History Made Easy. Jones has also received the Scholastic Recognition Award from the North American Professors of Christian Education for his research in faith development.

The son of a rural pastor, Dr. Jones earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in biblical studies at Manhattan Christian College. He also holds the Master of Divinity degree from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and the Doctor of Philosophy degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has taught biblical languages at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and at Oklahoma Baptist University, as well as lecturing on the reliability of the New Testament Gospels at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) at forums sponsored by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Despite his academic background, Dr. Jones has shown a capacity to communicate to ordinary people in an appealing and accessible style. He has been interviewed on numerous radio and television programs, including WGN Morning News, Fox & Friends, Crosstalk America, and Bible Answer Man. Dr. Jones is married to Rayann and they have three daughters.

Endorsement for Timothy Paul Jones, Author of this Christian History Video Curriculum

Dr. Timothy Paul Jones is a brilliant young biblical scholar who helps simplify the complex. His [resources] are great and sorely needed during our time when many are biblically illiterate and know even less about Church history.
—Dr. Jerry Newcombe, author, TV host, and spokesperson for Truth that Transforms with Dr. D. James Kennedy (formerly The Coral Ridge Hour)

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on 6/27/2014 Complete with all you need
Timothy Paul Jones, PhD is a vibrate speaker in twelve 30-minute DVD sessions. Interesting facts and a subtle sense of humor make for easy listening while discovering the history of Christianity. Included in the complete kit is a colorful and well organized 224 page book. Each lesson takes a specific period of time and lists events, names, and terms every Christian should know. I have to admit history is not easy for me, it was never my favorite subject, but Dr. Jones DVD sessions and his book has taught me more history of my faith than any other course. The book has an abundance of photos and paintings for each period. Timelines, key concepts, quotes from Church founders and links to information on the web fill the pages of this resource book. “In case you are confused” “Did you know?” insert boxes are filled with explanations and fun facts that liven up the pages. History can be dry, but this book is a pleasure to pick up over and over again. Leader guide lays out step by step plan.
on 12/5/2013 A Mine of Information on The Progress of God's Church
"I have just completed leading a group of members of the Berry Uniting Church, NSW, Australia in the study “Christian History Made Easy”. It was a fantastic study with everyone telling me how much they had learned. Most, at the beginning of the course, knew either nothing or very little about how God has preserved his Church throughout the last 2000+ years. The author, Dr Timothy Jones, presented everything really clearly. It was good to use the material provided to help us grow in our understanding. My group of people included, along with others, three ladies, each of whom is over 90 years old. They were “over the moon” with excitement about what they were learning and wanted to know why no-one had ever told them about these things before."
on 7/26/2013 Christian History Made Easy (12 DVD Sessions) Presenter: Dr. Timothy Paul Jones
Christian History Made Easy (12 DVD Sessions) Presenter: Dr. Timothy Paul Jones What happened after Acts 28? One topic a Christian often lacks to study, I must admit, is Christian History. Most Christians cannot name more than five Christian Theologians who had great influence in church history, but can easily name more than five players in the NBA or NFL Hall of Fame. I greatly appreciated the fact that in these 12 sessions, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones opened and closed with Gospel-centeredness, that it is God’s will to bring the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to His people. I have learned how to answer those who ask me about church persecutions by watching one of the videos. I have learned that during the times of persecution in the early church, God opened more doors for Christians to continue their mission in bringing the Gospel to the ends of the earth. If you want to know what happened after Acts 28, get these 12 DVD sessions and learn for yourself and share them with your church.
on 1/13/2013 Very well done in content and style
2000 years of history is a BIG topic, but this does a great job of pulling out the salient, interesting, and thought-provoking issues in Christianity through the centuries. The style is modern, with plenty of teaching resources in the kit. I happen to like the fact that the DVD, PowerPoint presentation, and the books do not repeat the same thing... giving me plenty of options for emphasis as a teacher, and not just repeating the same thing 3 times in the class. I am backing up my preparation with "Christianity Through the Centuries" and "A History of Christianity", and I find that Dr. Jones has done an excellent job of engaging and summarizing. There is nothing "dry" about his work !
on 10/13/2012 Christian History made Easy and INTERESTING!
This is a great study that puts all the information into a format that is interesting and fun to teach. As a teacher, I would also add that the pieces (leader's guide, DVD, downloadable materials) do not match (content wise) and there is some work to be done to bring it all together. Our students at church (45 people) are really enjoying this course. History buffs and "regular" people all find it interesting and come back each week. It is also interesting and fun for the teacher - I highly recommend this study.
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This is a very good series on Church history. It’s not too long but still covers the basics. It’s taught well and has many great supporting materials. This series is not overly doctrinal, but there is some doctrine taught- especially in the study guides (which include the creeds). Like all study material, I caution readers to do their own study of doctrinal points. This is an easy series to follow and has plenty of good quality teaching, visuals, and activities. I highly recommend Christian History Made Easy Complete Kit from Rose Publishing. For my full review, visit
Review by: Truth that Transforms with Dr. D. James Kennedy (formerly Th
"Dr. Timothy Paul Jones is a brilliant young biblical scholar who helps simplify the complex. His [resources] are great and sorely needed during our time when many are biblically illiterate and know even less about Church history."