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Bible Translations

Rose Publishing is the only publisher to have an basic and objective comparison chart of the 20 most popular Bible versions today.

Bible Translations Comparison Chart includes a short 100-word explanation of each translation and compares the following information side by side:

  • Date Published
  • Method of Bible Translation: Word-for-Word, Thought-for-Thought, and Balanced (combination of both)
  • Number of Bible Translators
  • Company or Organization that sponsored the Bible translation
  • Purpose of this particular Bible translation and the audience
  • Sample comparison of Bible verses.

Rose Publishing does not accept advertising, and it is not affiliated with any Bible publisher.

Bible Translations Comparison Pamphlet

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Bible Translations Comparison Pamphlet
Product Code: 597X   ISBN: 9781596361331
Price:  $3.99

Compare 20 Bible translations in a single glance. Discover what the translations have in common, how they differ, and which one is best for you. It's all found in the bestselling Bible Translations Comparison pamphlet that offers an easy-to-use format, full color design and glossy finish. The comparison chart displays: the name of the translation, the method of translation, sponsors, textual basis, purpose, sample verses to show the difference in wording, the year published, and much more. Some of the translations include: New Revised Standard, Amplified Bible, King James Version, The Message, among others.
The Gospels Side-by-Side: Harmony Of The Gospels Pamphlet

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The Gospels Side-by-Side: Harmony Of The Gospels Pamphlet
Product Code: 674X   ISBN: 9781596362772
Price:  $3.99

The Bible gives us four biographers for Jesus' life: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. See Jesus from four different points of view and learn how their views of him unite to flesh out an awesome portrait of God. Consult this concise chart to find out: • Why there are four Gospels instead of just one • Why three Gospels are similar, but the fourth is very different • How the Gospels complement—not contradict—each other • Why most of Christ's story focuses on his last week; and more.

Bible Translations Comparison Wall Chart - Laminated

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Bible Translations Comparison Wall Chart - Laminated
Product Code: 599L   ISBN: 9781596361362
Price:  $14.99

Compare 20 Bible Translations
Compare 20 Bible Translations at a glance. Ever wondered why there are so many different versions of the Bible? How do you know which translation is best you, your friend, your child or teen?

Bible Translations Comparison - PowerPoint

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Bible Translations Comparison - PowerPoint
Product Code: 4089X   ISBN: 9781628623086
Price:  $39.99

Easily teach your small group, congregation, or Bible class how each of the top 20 English Bible translations compare! This 100-slide PowerPoint® presentation includes everything you need to lead a class!