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Bible Time Line Pamphlet

Bible Time Line Pamphlet

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By author: Rose Publishing
ISBN: 9789901983513
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Bible Time Line is the best-selling Bible timeline sold in Christian stores. It covers from Genesis to Revelation in a glance! Bible Time Line pamphlet shows hundreds of events in biblical history side-by-side with world and Middle East history. Know the 300 most important people and events in the Bible, including all of the kings and prophets. Compare biblical events to world events chronologically.

For example, Bible Time Line makes fascinating comparisons: The first Olympic games in Greece were at the time of Jonah in the Old Testament. This handy pamphlet is filled with full-color illustrations and photographs. There is no better timeline of Bible history for Bible studies, church groups, Sunday schools, and small groups. 12 panels, fits inside most Bibles, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 33 inches long

The Bible Time Line Covers Every Major Event in Bible History

It begins with Genesis and Adam and Eve, through the life of Abraham, and ends with the life of the apostle John and the Book of Revelation. The pamphlet provides key dates, events, and leaders from the Bible, world and Middle Eastern history. You will gain a new perspective on the place and time of biblical history when you see the comparisons.

Fascinating Facts: Compare Bible History and World History

Old Testament Events

  • The first recorded Olympic game in Greece was held during the time of Jonah.
  • Daniel lived in Babylon at the same time Confucius was in China and Buddha was in India.
  • Moses was leading the Exodus while the Sheng Dynasty was flourishing in China.
  • The Greek historian Homer lived during the time of Isaiah, Amos, and Micah.

New Testament Events

  • Mt. Vesuvius erupted and buried the city of Pompeii just 50 years after Jesus' death and resurrection. The apostle John probably would have known about it.
  • Emperor Caligula who ruled 7 years after Jesus' resurrection was a madman. He made his horse a senator.
  • When Paul was taken under guard to Rome, he didn't see the Colosseum. It was built 4 years after his death.
  • Emperor Nero, who had Peter and Paul executed, also had his wife and mother killed.

What Makes Bible Time Line the Best and Most Affordable Bible Chronology

  • The Bible Time Line includes:
    • The Books of the Bible and the centuries in which events occurred
    • A special inset covering Creation to Abraham
    • Biblical eras such as Abraham to the Sojourn in Egypt, Moses and the Exodus, the Judges, United Kingdom, Divided Kingdom, the Exile, Restoration of Jerusalem, Intertestamental Period, and ultimately, the New Testament.
    • Lists key events such as the establishment of the Abrahamic Covenant, the First Passover, the Tabernacle, the Ten Commandments, the prophets, the kings and their years of rule, the restoration of Jerusalem, the building of the Temple, the birth of John the Baptist, plus so much more.
    • Kings and Prophets Time Line Showing all of the Kings and Prophets of Israel and Judah
  • World history time line includes:
    • World events such as the emergence of writing forms, the first code of law, the Iron Age, the Trojan war, the founding of Rome, the birth of Buddha and Confucius, Alexander the Great's conquests, Cleopatra's rule, the fall of Masada, and numerous other events
  • Middle East history time line includes:
    • The building of the Egyptian pyramids, the rule of Amenhotep II (among other Pharaohs), the rise of the Persian Empire, the Roman Empire, and literally dozens of other historical facts.
    • Bronze Age and Iron Age Events

    12 panels, fits inside most Bibles, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 33 inches long

    Look Inside: Sample Pages of Bible Time Line

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on 7/5/2017 This Bible Time Line is a valuable tool
The Rose Bible Reference pamphlet is a full-color, glossy, plastic-coated fact sheet that fits inside most Bibles. This Bible Time Line is a valuable tool for leaders and participants of Bible Studies, Small Groups, Youth Groups, and New Member Classes. All Bible students interested in dating the events of the Bible would benefit from keeping a copy in their Bibles. STRENGTHS: The first useful feature for any student of Genesis is a “timeline” of the life spans of the patriarchs from Adam to Abraham in relationship to each other with the ages of each person at his death. What follows is a color-coded timeline comparing the Books of the Bible and Bible History with World History and Middle East History side by side. Noted are approximate dates of major and minor events from 2200 BC to AD 100. Any student of history and of the Bible will take an interest in finding out what was going on in the world while the events of the Bible were unfolding. WEAKNESSES: Photos and illustrations are included for the Old Testament and the Inter-Testamental Period, but there appear to be more for Egypt than Israel. Unfortunately, no photos or illustrations are included in the New Testament portion. At times, the wealth of details for the Inter-Testamental Period and the New Testament feel overwhelming, considering only a few hundred years are summarized in these two pages. Rose Publishing provided me with an advanced reader copy as a pdf.
on 5/6/2017 Bible Timeline Pamphlet from Genesis to Revelation Review
This pamphlet is one in a series of study aids Rose Publishing has developed to assist anyone who is trying to understand crucial information concerning biblical history. The information is displayed in form of a simple timeline where you can reference important chronological and historical events and milestones contained within the Bible’s scope. In addition, it shows specific events not necessarily described within the biblical narration but historically important to the chronological understanding of events. Built with illustrations it helps us relate to important events with approximate dates and parallels them to concurrent events. As a favorite feature, the pamphlet includes not only date references but also highlights the books of the Bible where the references are chained to. Will definite help students targeting exact history time frames to understand sequence of events. New comers with no biblical experience will find this aid a fast reference to relate to biblical history
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Review by:

I was recently provided a Bible Time Line from Rose Publishing in exchange for a written review.  This is yet another very helpful resource produced by our friends at Rose.


All the standard bells and whistles come with this Rose Resource:        

  • High gloss
  • Vivid illustrations
  • Great attention to detail
  • Ease of visual navigation

What I especially like about this time line is the integration of Biblical history with both Middle Eastern and world history time lines.  Most Bible time lines I typically see only provide information, dates and people for events that occurred within the scope of Biblical history with little or no comparison to what was happening at the same time during histories not recorded within the sacred text.  To be able to do a "stare and compare" of sorts between Biblical and other world events, is invaluable and helps put the student's study of biblical data into its proper context.

It looks like Rose has truly capitalized on their extensive research on other projects to really integrate that information, in the form of illustrations, pictures, and other graphic helps, within this time line.

To help keep the user on track, the time line lists the books of the Bible at the top of each era of history along the way. This is a great quick-reference tool to easily find where a particular book you're studying fits in the overall picture.

I only have one concern and its pretty minimal.  The time line makes reference to the standard "ages" used by evolutionary scientists (Bronze Age, Iron Age, etc).  I've recently been exposed to some evidence that seems to indicate these categories for eras of world history are not only not very helpful, but may even be completely false and essentially created by someone completely unqualified to do so.  Check out Creation dot com for more on the "ages" debate.

Overall, a great resource.  I've yet to meet a Rose publication I didn't like.  The Bible Timeline pamphlet is certainly no exception.