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Basic Church History Time Line - Pamphlet

Basic Church History Time Line - Pamphlet

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ISBN: 9781628622980
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Basic Church Time Line Fold Out

See over 2,000 years of Christian church history at a glance with this fold-out timeline of Christianity. Imagine having a Basic Church history timeline at your fingertips that can easily fit inside most Bible covers!

Easily see over 250 events from Christian church history at a glance, starting at the birth of Jesus and the Early Church to present day! This Basic Church History Time Line pamphlet provides an easy-to-follow overview of key dates, events, and leaders throughout Church history. Filled with full-color illustrations and photographs, a map of Christian expansion, and more, this time line follows martyrs, monks, and missionaries across seas and centuries as Christianity spread all over the world! There is no better timeline of Church history for Bible studies, Sunday schools, new believers groups, and small groups!

Pamphlet fits perfectly in a Bible

Covering Martin Luther, Tyndale, Constantine, and more— Find out over 250 of the most important people and events in the history of the Christian church. Cover the rise of modern Bible translations, church growth and expansion, the emergence of various denominations, and much more!

Perfect for individual use, Bible studies, new believer's classes, church giveaways, or to keep in your Bible to reference when someone has a question. Fits inside most Bibles covers. Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches, full color, glossy coating. Folds out to 38 inches. Fits in a Bible cover.

"The simplest, quickest, most straightforward guide to church history that's available anywhere. Highly recommended!" —Timothy Paul Jones, Ph.D., Professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

This Basic Church History Time Line Covers Every Major Event in Christian History

From the birth of Jesus Christ to the latest statistics on global Christianity from 2015, cover every essential event of the Christian church from 1 AD to present day. This Basic Church History Time Line provides key dates, events, and leaders from throughout Christian History like the Apostle Paul, Johannes Gutenberg, John Wycliffe, William Tyndale, and so much more! Gain a new perspective on Christian church history when you see the comparisons with major eras over the centuries like:

  • AD 1-100: Life of Jesus and the Early Church
  • AD 1500-1600: Rise of Protestantism, Age of Exploration, Puritanism
  • AD 1700-1800: Great Awakening, Political and Social Unrest
  • AD 2000-Present: Information Age, Globalization
  • and much more!

Basic Church Time Line Fold Out
"I have been working at the college level for over 30 years and have never encountered materials like Rose — materials that represent many hours of research; materials that make Biblical study and research 100 times easier than I have encountered thus far. [They] always prove to be 100% accurate." — Dr. Wesley B Rose, Director Early Christian Studies Scripture Institute

Enjoy these 5 key features of the Basic Church History Time Line:

1. See Over 2,000 Years of Church History in a Quick and Simple Overview

    You already know that it's important to know the background and history of the Church. But, Christian history extends over thousands of years, this can be difficult to do. Enjoy this clear layout of over 250 important events and key figures in Christian history at a glance!

2. Detailed Map of the Expansion of Christianity At Your Fingertips

    Gain fresh insight on the expansion of Christianity during the Roman Empire. Includes statistics and key reasons for the Christianity's explosive growth.

3. Cover all the Major Event in Church History as Christianity Continued to Grow

    Gain perspective by seeing these Church history events in the context of the Great Awakening, the World Wars, the Medieval Church and Crusades, and much more!

4. Convenient Quick Reference Key that Enables You to Locate Information Fast!

    This full-color fold out Church history time line includes a helpful key identifying—

    • Bible Development—translation, printing, canonization, etc...
    • Key Person—the Apostle Paul, John Wycliffe, William Tyndale, Johannes Gutenberg, and many more
    • Church Council—Council of Nicea, Council of Chalcedon, Council of Constantinople, etc...
    • Key Event— birth and death of Jesus Christ, the Reformation, the Great Awakening, and more!

5. Packed with Fascinating Facts on Bible History and Christian Church History

    Loaded with fascinating facts that will add depth to any Bible study, such as: the Dome of the Rock, a Muslim shrine built in Jerusalem in 688 AD, is believed by archaeologist Leen Reitmeyer to be the location of the Holy of Holies.

Perfect for individual use, Bible studies, new believer's classes, church giveaways, or to keep in your Bible to reference when someone has a question. Fits inside most Bibles covers.

Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches, full color, glossy coating. Folds out to 38 inches. Fits in a Bible cover.

Find Out Fascinating Facts That Will Add Depth to Your Bible Study:

  • The Wycliffe Bible, the first Bible to be completed, was done in 1382
  • One of the earliest Christian church buildings was built at Corinth in 50 AD
  • Seventh-Day Adventism, Christian Science, and Jehovah's Witnesses were all established within 8 years of each other. Mormonism was founded less than 30 years earlier.

How to use Rose's Basic Church History Time Line Bible Study Pamphlet:

Bible studies, small group discussions, discipleship classes, young adult studies, personal study.

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on 3/25/2016 Lots of information
This new and improved pdf version of the pamphlet is so much easier to read. I printed the pages and was thrilled to paste together a huge wall chart for my teaching. Being a bible study teacher at my church as well as for the Community Bible Study which is international and nondenominational this is an awesome resource. The up to date history of Christian Church is very informative with 250 people and events from AD 1 the birth of Jesus until 2000 to present is most helpful to those wanting to understand the changes in religious freedom and development. Facts from a 2015 “Status of Global Christianity” report shows there are 400,000 missionaries worldwide representing 45,000 denominations. I had no idea there were that many denominations! The small colored pictures and photos scattered along the timeline makes it more appealing to the eye. I especially enjoyed the inclusion of Billy Graham who is born in Charlotte, NC not far from my home. The facts on bible translations was very good
on 10/25/2015 "I Will Build My Church...."
Of course, we would want to be far more conversant with the Bible, its stories, teachings and doctrines, and, supremely, with its Divine Author, than with the later history of the church. Having said that, it is also true that knowledge of Christian history is a very enlightening matter, and, if you agree with this, you will thoroughly enjoy the Timeline of Christian History just out from Rose Publishing. “I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it,” said our Lord, and it becomes evident that this has been exactly the case. Historical facts helps us realize how exponentially Christianity spread, yet how soon error entered in. It can help us realize, humbly, the price that many have paid, and are paying, for their loyalty to Christ and to His Word. I love this timeline -- I would suggest, though, that in future editions, Christianity's first century spread to India be included. I received free access to the timeline in return for a frank review.
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