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Exciting News from Rose Publishing:
Rose Rewards Program

We'd like to give you more of what you love—for free. Join the Rose Rewards Program and automatically earn Rose Reward points on every web purchase you make. Rack up points with each online purchase and then redeem them for free Rose Publishing products ordered online. * How much you save depends on how much you shop!

Now, simply buying the items you love will help you get free Rose product!

Learn more about the Rose Rewards Program using the links below:

How It Works

Join the Rose Rewards Program and earn Rose Reward points on every web purchase you make. Rack up the points and redeem them for free Rose Publishing products ordered online*. Like any of your favorite stores with a rewards program, you will be able to store, save, and spend the points you rack up every time a web purchase is made! Now, every website purchase helps you get free product. You must be logged into your account before making an online purchase to be credited your Rose Rewards points.

* Orders which are phoned, faxed, or mailed in will not count towards accumulating points

Becoming a Member

Are you already a registered customer on Rose's website? Great! Then you're already signed up for the Rose Rewards Program and you can begin to redeem your points today! You must log into your account to receive Rose Rewards points for your online purchases. To see how many points you already have, sign in to your account.

You must create an account with Rose Publishing to earn points on every purchase you make. Don't already have a Rose web account? No worries—signing up takes only a moment and its absolutely free. Sign up now.

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How can I see how many Rose Rewards points I have?

You can view how many Rose Rewards points you have by visiting your "My Account" page. At the bottom of the page you will see a link "My Rose Rewards Program Account." By clicking on this link you will be able to see your current Rose Rewards balance.

Once you click on this page, your Rose Rewards Points will show up.

How can I use my Rose Rewards points?

Once you're subscribed to the Rose Rewards Program, here's the math on your points:

One dollar spent = one point earned.

One point = $0.01

When you check out, you'll have the option to apply your Rose Rewards points and save on your online purchase. Rose Rewards points cannot be redeemed for cash and points cannot be spent on the order from which they are earned.


Rose Rewards points do expire 2 years after they are earned.

Who do I call if I have questions?

Please email, or call toll-free (800) 358-3111

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