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Free Live Again Giveaway—Save $59.99

FREE Giveaway! Get the entire 8-session Live Again DVD Series for FREE* ($59.99 value). Optional participant guides are available for 25% off.

(The $7.99 list price covers the cost of shipping and handling in the continuous U.S. No additional fees are added. Limit 3 per customer.)

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(Free Giveaway) Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce DVD Study - Just $6.99 for Shipping & Handling

(Free Giveaway)Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce DVD Study

Sale Price: $7.99
Regular Price: $59.99


Product Code: 188DVF

Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce Participant Guide

Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce Participant Guide

Regular Price: $9.99


Product Code: 190X

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Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce Participant Guide

Live Again Bundle - DVD, 3 Participant Guides, and 1 Leader Guide

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Live Again Wholeness After Divorce Leader Guide  For The 8-Session DVD-Based Study

Live Again Wholeness After Divorce Leader Guide For The 8-Session DVD-Based Study

Regular Price: $14.99

Product Code: 189X

Live Again Journal: Goes With Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce Curriculum

Live Again Journal: Goes With Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce Curriculum

Regular Price: $9.99


Product Code: 261X

Free Giveaway— Get Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce DVD Study For FREE

Just $6.99 for Shipping & Handling — Reg. $59.99!

For a limited time only, get the entire 8-session Live Again Divorce recovery series for FREE (Reg. $59.99). (The $6.99 list price covers the cost of shipping and handling in the continuous U.S. No additional fees are added.)

You never thought "divorce" would happen to you. But, it did. Your hope for a happy marriage gone. How can you move forward? What do you do with the loneliness, the shame, even the anger that comes every time you think about it?

I've been leading divorce recovery groups for Christian women for nearly 20 years. During this time, I've discovered 3 keys to help women move away from fear and anger toward hope for their future and faith in God after divorce.

  1. Testimonies: You need to know you aren't alone and God still has a plan for your life.
  2. Bible Promises: You need to know God is for you (and for your children).
  3. Real help for the emotions you feel, including practical ways to handle loneliness, forgiveness, and anger.

In each of the 8 sessions, we've weaved in these 3 keys while also covering 8 important topics, such as loneliness, forgiveness, and shame.

Getting these DVDs to women is so important to me that I'm giving away the entire Christian women's recovery series free of charge (a $59.99 value). All 8 complete sessions. High definition DVDs. Every single minute is here.

This FREE 8-session Christian divorce recovery series covers topics such as loneliness, forgiveness, fear, picking up the pieces, relationships, and moving past the shame and guilt to healing and wholeness. This DVD contains eight 30-minute videos. A printed leader guide and participant guide are available separately. Click here for additional participant guides which will help viewers move toward healing and wholeness.

5 Key Features of this FREE Live Again Divorce Recovery DVD

  • Compassionate and Inspiring True Stories — Hear powerful testimonies from women who have "been there" and who know know comfort, healing, and hope is possible for you. These 15-minute testimonies help women see the pathway to wholeness after divorce, and give them courage to keep trusting God.

  • Practical Advice— At times, the idea of healing after divorce seems unreal, overwhelming, even impossible. But, enjoy getting expert advice rooted in scripture that will you take one step each day toward recovery.

  • Christian Hope— Often times those who have gone through an divorce feel like an outcast in the church. Yet, it is in God's Word that women can find hope, healing, forgiveness, value, and comfort. This DVD points women back to God's truth and helps strengthen the most important relationship of all — their relationship with God.

  • For women only. In women's-only groups you will avoid uncomfortable situations that often can occur in co-ed groups: over-sharing, flirting, jumping back into dating too quickly, and discussing single sexuality in co-ed situations.

  • Short sessions— each lasting about an hour. The eight 30-minute Christian divorce recovery DVD sessions give the opportunity for 30-45 minutes of discussion, sharing, and prayer. Other Christian divorce recovery videos last an hour and don't allow much time for sharing and prayer.

  • Available for FREE to any Christian individual or group. For use by churches, counseling ministries, women's healing ministries, or anyone wishing to reach out with God's healing love to divorced women or women who have gone through a major relationship breakup.

Christian Divorce Recovery Starts Here

This women's divorce recovery curriculum gives individuals (and church leaders) many options:

  1. Give this FREE divorce recovery DVD to a woman to watch at home or with a friend.

  2. Ask a mature Christian woman who cares about divorce recovery to lead a small group. A small group of 3-8 women is ideal. She doesn't have to be an expert: the Leader Guide PDF has all she needs.

  3. Ask a mature Christian woman to mentor someone one-on-one using this Christian divorce recovery video. It's very easy. The testimonies and experts are on the video. It's like watching TV with a friend.

Want to encourage a friend? Interested in starting a small group? Additional participant guides can be purchased here!

Topics for the "Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce" DVD

Session 1 — Reality Check: Acceptance

Session 2 — Forgiveness

Session 3 — The Loneliness Giant

Session 4 — The Real Enemy: Lies Women Believe

Session 5 — Respect Yourself

Session 6 — Sexless and Single: Sex and Dating

Session 7 — Beyond the Shame and Guilt

Session 8 —Discovering a Whole New You

Experts and licensed counselors include:

Dr. Tim Alan Gardner
Director of Life Skills Counseling Center, CEO & President of Marriage Ministries, Inc., Dallas, TX

Dr. Catherine Hart Weber
Director at Hart Institute, Pasadena, CA

Dale Dunnewold
President Grace Ministries, Nashville, TN

Paige Corley Henderson
co-founder, speaker, Fellowship of the Sword Ministries

Georgia Shaffer
licensed counselor, author, certified life coach, professional speaker

Sharon Kay Ball
licensed counselor in private practice

Introduction Video for Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce - FREE Christian Divorce Recovery Curriculum

Your host: Michelle Borquez Host of Beth Moore's national TV special "Living Well" and spokesman for the GLO Bible.

6-Session DVD Kit FREE (Value $59.99) with just $6.99 Shipping & Handing

Sessions are about an hour long:

  • 30 minutes for the video
  • 30-45 minutes for discussion, sharing, and prayer

This FREE Christian Divorce Recovery DVD has eight 30-minute video sessions. It also includes—

  • An optional 30–minute countdown timer
  • Fliers, postcards, tri-fold brochures (PDFs), so you can print out as many as you need
  • Banners (PDF), posters (PDFs), email header (jpg), and save the date slide (jpg).
  • 1 Leader Guide (printable PDF for computer or iPad or Tablet)

See What Others Are Saying...

... About Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce...

"The Live Again DVD Series facilitated by Michelle Borquez Thornton is like being allowed the gift to sit within a caring community of authentic women powerfully sharing their dealing and healing with the dreaded "D" word- Divorce… Going beyond just sharing how they ended up there- Michelle directs the conversations to bringing the ladies to speak hopefully of how divorce will not define their stories and encourages them genuinely to know they will live again!"
Reverand Rudy Sheptock
Senior Pastor of The Lighthouse Church of the C&MA Cape May County, NJ.

"On our own, we stay stuck, unable to let it go. Michelle's LIVE AGAIN 8-session DVD series Wholeness After Divorce shows us that living again is possible by turning to God's resurrection power.
Stephanie Riggs, Talk Radio Host, Emmy award winning news anchor and author

"Michelle has put together a wonderful study with practical and spiritual guidelines for moving through the pain and doubt we experience, especially as Christians, when we divorce. We Christians are taught that God hates divorce and we believe that it just isn't an option. When we reluctantly dissolve a marriage it leaves us broken and disappointed and unsure of how to look at relationships and even ourselves. God doesn't leave us in our mess and He is always ready to correct us , forgive us, teach us and build us up. There is always hope of starting again and learning from our mistakes and often we need others to point the way. I appreciate Michelle's openness about her own life so others can find freedom and wholeness as she has.
Lindy Boone Michaelis, daughter of Pat Boone, author of Heaven Hears

"Live Again is appropriately named. After the pain and devastation of a divorce the decision to Live Again is often difficult and harrowing. Sharing the journey with others who have suffered the complexities of divorce will help strengthen a person's spiritual being, as well as bring healing to the emotional wounds of divorce. It is possible to Live Again after divorce and to live with purpose, emotional integrity and intention. Join with others who are on the journey to find hope after divorce.
Christine Meland, Mountain Haven Marriage Ministry in Colorado, co-author of The Hope-Filled Marriage

"How does a woman navigate the detour of divorce? Where does she find rest and recovery from the loss and loneliness she feels? How can she rebuild her life and enter a place of wellness and wholeness? LIVE AGAIN addresses these needs and sets divorced women on the path to restoration. It's a much needed resource in our churches today.
Grace Fox, International speaker and author of Moving from Fear to Freedom: A Woman's Guide to Peace in Every Situation.

"I can't thank you enough for coming out with the preview of the Live Again DVD Series. I have ordered the full packet and cannot wait until June to receive the materials. I enjoyed watching and learning from the preview...I have been divorced for about 22 years now and when I look back, I'm not sure how I made it through the rough times. I know now that the Lord was with me, even if I did not know that at the time. I thank Him every day now for how He pulled me up out of the despair. I have had women and their pain from divorce/separation on my heart for some time and I feel that the Lord wants me to help. I approached the pastors and leaders at Elim Gospel Church with this idea and they have given me their full support. The church has never had any group like this in the past and therefore they do not have any study materials on hand. Therefore, I did some research and found Rose Publishing to be very understanding of the whole idea of divorce with Biblical support. I have been praying, contacting some other churches that have a divorce support group, and talking to some Christian women that have been through divorce so I can have the wisdom to get this group started. The Lord answered my prayers when I received your e-mail about the preview. Thank you again for all your information."
Frances Pilato, Small Group Leader, Elim Gospel Church, Lima, New York

"I learned that it's normal to feel self-recrimination and have some dark days. It's okay for me to have deep lows and want to cry. It helped me see I'm not crazy."
Comments from the Single Mothers Focus Group at Rolling Hills Covenant Church (Feb. 2013).
"I identified with [with woman's testimony in Session 7] saying that it was confusing that she was doing all the right things, but her marriage didn't get any better. I was glad she said, "You cannot change another person."
Comments from the Single Mothers Focus Group at Rolling Hills Covenant Church (Feb. 2013).
"I too felt I had failed my family and my church, and that my testimony and witness were destroyed. But it was good to see there was hope, and that being sad and wondering if I could have tried harder is a normal part of the process."
Comments from the Single Mothers Focus Group at Rolling Hills Covenant Church (Feb. 2013).
"This needs to be seen by teenagers and young adults. It's excellent information for everyone, not just women who've been through a divorce."[Referencing Session 5: Respect]
Comments from the Single Mothers Focus Group at Rolling Hills Covenant Church (March 2013).
"I learned I need to center myself on God, because no person can fulfill me. Healthy people are good partners, but they won't complete you. Only God can do that. What matters is how God sees you."[Referencing Session 5: Respect]
Comments from the Single Mothers Focus Group at Rolling Hills Covenant Church (March 2013).
"I liked the list of Red Flags, which are the signs of potential abuse. That made it concrete for me. She gave practical ways of detecting people who are 'users' and 'takers' and don't really care about you."[Referencing Session 5: Respect]
Comments from the Single Mothers Focus Group at Rolling Hills Covenant Church (March 2013).
"This described my marriage exactly. It really helped me understand what went wrong."[Referencing Session 5: Respect]
Comments from the Single Mothers Focus Group at Rolling Hills Covenant Church (Feb. 2013).
"Both men and women must have good character. Without it there is no basis for a marriage...or even a friendship."[Referencing Session 5: Respect]
Comments from the Single Mothers Focus Group at Rolling Hills Covenant Church (March 2013).
"I liked her advice about sharing your situation with your friends. Your friends hold you accountable and help you face the truth."[Referencing Session 5: Respect]
Comments from the Single Mothers Focus Group at Rolling Hills Covenant Church (March 2013).

"The powerful message, "You Will Live Again!" resonates throughout this dynamic DVD series for divorced women. Michelle Borquez has a gift for touching the heart and soul of the woman doubled over in pain after a divorce. As she covers acceptance, forgiveness, loneliness, trust, respect, sex and dating, shame and guilt, and finding wholeness, she interviews godly licensed Christian therapists like Georgia Shaffer and Leslie Vernick and women who have overcome divorce. The series overflows with love, compassion, forgiveness, hope, and healing. It is grounded in the Word of God and leads women to the Great Physician who created us, longs to heal us, and redeem our lives. As a licensed professional counselor and a woman who went through divorce almost twenty years ago, I highly recommend this DVD series and wish it had been available when I went through a divorce. I highly recommend this series for your church library, for the pastor, the hospital chaplain, the Christian counseling agencies in your area, and for those who serve in a divorce recovery ministry or work with single parents."
Yvonne Ortega, LPC, LSATP, CCDVC, Bilingual Speaker, Author, Counselor, Teacher

...About Michelle Borquez...
"I have been blessed by the burning passion of the God Crazy message that has emanated in Michelle over the years. The vision God has placed within her heart is inspiring and transformational. She is a great woman of impact."
Dr. Catherine Hart Weber
Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary
"Michelle Borquez has been placed in all our lives to help us rejoice in our faith with the same spiritual gusto and love that pours from the God Crazy message. It is a journey that will change the way you think, feel, and believe."
Monica Crowley
Author, Radio Host, News Anchor and Talk Show Host on MSNBC and Frequent Commentator on NPR News Radio
"Michelle Borquez is a bundle of energy; a veritable wellspring of love, joy, and enthusiasm; and an incredible communicator of a message that can transform the world. Her passion for her work is only exceeded by her compassion for those who hurt. She truly brings life, hope, and healing to everyone she encounters."
Ken Abraham
New York Times bestselling author
"I was immediately drawn to the transparent style and heart in which Michelle communicates. Working in television for years I've met many leaders and personalities, and while Michelle is a great leader with many accomplishments, what I love most is her passion and real desire to see women healed and transformed. She personally touched my life with her God Crazy message and I know she will do the same for many others."
Dyan Jae
Bella Women Network Director of Programming and formerly TBN Atlanta Director of Programming
"Michelle is a visionary, passionate woman who will help you to develop a positive plan of action as you hold on to unshakable faith."
Carol Kent
Speaker, Author of A New Kind of Normal and Between a Rock and a Grace Place and Miracle on Hope Hill
"Master Communicator is an understatement for Michelle Borquez. Her entrepreneurial achievements include radio and television shows, a women's magazine, thousand-person conferences, a book series...even an industry advocacy organization. By blending her affable personality with unconventional life and corporate experiences, Michelle provides real value in the critical business arena of communications, branding and media!"
Steve Heinz
CEO Good Steward Software,
"This book was such a life changing experience for so many of us that we culminated this experience by hosting a "God Crazy" retreat where we were extremely blessed to host the author Michelle Borquez as our speaker. There are no words that can capture what having Michelle personally minister to our women did. She is a woman that inspires both spiritually and in very practical ways. Each woman left that retreat with a renewed vision and personal plan for her life. We will never be the same."
Mary Merriweather
Pastor's wife and Director of Women's Ministries, Northeast Community Fellowship Foursquare Church, Portland, Ore.
"Bad things make most people bitter. But not for Michelle Borquez. Michelle is one of those unique individuals with awe-inspiring joy, exploding passion and rock solid confidence. Why? She knows how to trust and rest in the protective and liberating hands of God. She is a wise strategic planner. High Energy. With God, Michelle's has discovered great internal security and wisdom deep and wide like the Grand Canyon. Her life goals are divinely super charged and laser focus so be prepared when you learn from MIchelle you will learn many new life changing freedoms in Christ."
Pastor Roger Ball
"Michelle Borquez Thornton is a breath of God's fresh air in a Christian church culture that desperately needs to breathe something relevant and real. Michelle has a rare gift of being able to point us clearly to Heaven while still reaching us with a teaching that is easily applicable to life here on Earth."
Reverend Rudy Sheptock
Senior Pastor of The Lighthouse Church of the C&MA Cape May County, NJ