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The Plan of Salvation Pamphlet

The Plan of Salvation Pamphlet

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The Plan of Salvation PDF

The Plan of Salvation Downloadable PDF (Print 1-3 copies)

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Interior pages of The Plan of Salvation pamphlet

Packed with simple summaries, witnessing tips, and helpful illustrations, such as Romans Road, this easy-to-understand pamphlet shows how to present the Gospel in a simple yet effective way. It answers key question, including: What is the good news? How can I explain the gospel? and How can I share my faith?

Enjoy having word pictures, simple explanations, and key Bible verses at your fingertips while covering these important topics:

  • 4 keys to understanding the good news of the Gospel

  • 5 insights into what it means to be a disciple of Christ

  • 6 ways God promises to help us when sharing the gospel

  • Over 10 helpful witnessing tips and evangelism tools (Includes helpful illustrations, quick-reference charts, and Romans Road)

Perfect for individual use, Bible studies, discipleship classes, evangelism training, new believer's classes, church giveaways, or to keep in your Bible to reference when someone has a question. Fits inside most Bibles covers. Click here for key features.

46% of Born-Again Christians Didn't Share Their Faith Last Year

A nation-wide Barna study reported that only half (54%) of protestant Christians said they shared the Gospel at least once this past year to someone with different beliefs. That means over 46% (that's 68 million Christians) did not share their faith for an entire year

Although almost all Christian agree that they "have a personal responsibility to share their faith with others," many don't know how. So, the question is not should we share our faith, it's how?

This slim-line pamphlet explains the problem of sin, our need for forgiveness, and the good news of Christ in a simple and relevant way. Find out what it means to be a disciple of God and how you can "make disciples." (Great Commission, Matt. 28:19).

3 Key Features of Rose's Plan of Salvation Pamphlet

  1. Basic Explanations of Salvation (Sin, Salvation, and Forgiveness)
  2. If we want to share our faith with others, we are best served if we know the details of what we want to share. Packed with dozens of key scripture verses and simple summaries, this pamphlet explains our need for a savior and God's solution-in an easy-to-understand way.

  3. Features Stunning Graphics and Quick-Reference Charts
  4. See key information and Bible verses at a glance with this pamphlets quick-reference charts. Covers key topics, such as sin, forgiveness, God's love, man's rebellion, salvation, Jesus' resurrection, discipleship, and more! Find out the 6 ways God grows us into effective instruments of ministry and the specific promises he gives up to help us witness to others.

  5. Simple Illustrations that Explain Salvation (Includes Romans Road)
  6. Salvation can be a difficult topic to explain. One effective way of explaining salvation is through pictures. This pamphlet includes several visual illustration that make the gospel message easy to grasp. It also covers key evangelism plans, including Romans Romans.

    Here's 4 Key Bible Verses you can use to help lead someone to Christ (Known as Romans Road):

    • Romans 3:23
    • Romans 6:23
    • Romans 5:8
    • Romans 10:9

How to use Rose's Plan of Salvation Bible Study Pamphlet:

Bible studies, small group discussions, discipleship classes, young adult studies, evangelism training, personal study.

Discussion/ Reflection Questions:

  1. Read Pg. 1 (The Plan of Salvation). Many believers feel that they cannot share the gospel effectively unless their own lives are perfect. How would you reply to this issue? Do we have to wait until our lives are perfect to represent Christ?

  2. Read Pg. 2 (Called to Make Disciples). When you think of the word "disciple," what comes to mind? How would you define disciple? How are you being a disciple of Jesus in your life?

  3. Read Matthew 28:19. Do you feel ready to "make disciples?" Why or why not?

  4. Read Pg. 3 (What's the Good News? The Basics of Evangelism). This section reveals the many ways someone can come to Christ. Reflect on when you first accepted Christ. Review the 6 key components of salvation covered on this page. Which aspect of salvation stands out to you? Explain.

  5. Read Pg. 4 (Four Circle illustration). Why is it impossible to move from circle 2 to circle 4 on our own? How does this differ from the world's perspective?

  6. Read Pg. 5 (Good News: A Loving God). Reflect back on a time when you experienced God's love. God's love is so great it moved him to action. How can our love for others move us into action?

  7. Read Pg. 7 (Becoming Instrument of God). Reflect on the 6 ways God grows us into instrument of ministry. What area do you feel you are the strongest in? What area are you the weakest? Ask the Lord to help you continue to grow in these 6 areas.

  8. Read Pg. 8. Often times, when people think about the good new they focus on forgiveness. Of sins But, the good news isn't just about forgiveness of sins. Read the 4 key components of the gospel, including the restoration of creation. As you look at your own life, where do you see evidence of God starting his restoration work in your heart and mind?

  9. Read Pg. 9 (Victorious Over Evil). In this section, evil is compared to a parasite. Why is evil like a parasite? Do you agree with this comparison? How have you seen this to be true in your own life and in others?

  10. Read pg. 11 (Making All Things New). Re-read Revelations 21:1. How does knowing God makes all things new bring you peace? What areas in your life and in the world would like to see made new?

APPLICATION: Make a list of people to keep in prayer. Ask the Lord to open their eyes at the right time.

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