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10 Questions And Answers On Atheism And Agnosticism PowerPoint

10 Questions And Answers On Atheism And Agnosticism PowerPoint

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By authors: Dr. Norman L. Geisler, Alex McFarland
ISBN: 9781596361256
Product Code: 587X
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According to the most recent PEW report, there are over 128 million Americans who identified themselves as atheist or agnostic (This number almost doubled between 2007 - 2014).

How can you reach out to those who struggle to believe in God? What do you say to someone who acknowledges a "higher power," but not Jesus? This ready-to-use apologetics PowerPoint® presentation includes over 125 slides and extensive leader notes. With the click of a mouse, easily take your class through a fully-illustrated, ready-to-use presentation on the most frequently asked questions about atheism and agnosticism!

Using simple explanations, this ready-to-use PowerPoint presentation responds to 10 common claims made by atheists and agnostics — and includes helpful ways to reach out to them. Leading apologists Dr. Norman Geisler and Alex McFarland respond to some of life's most important questions in an easy-to-understand way. Features charts, over 125 ready-to-use slides, extensive leader notes, and more.

Enjoy having these helpful resources at your fingertips:

  • Overview of what atheists and agnostics believe (and don't believe)
  • Solid, easy-to-understand answers to 10 common claims, including: The Bible contains errors; Jesus was not God; there's no way to prove God's existence; etc.
  • Includes 10 Do's and Don'ts on how to reach out to those who don't believe in God.

  • Answers key questions, including:
    • What can we know about the existence of God?
    • Is there scientific evidence supporting the belief in God?
    • If there is a good God, why is there evil?
    • Is the Bible an unreliable collection of myths?
    • and much more!

A must-have for youth groups and perfect for adult Sunday school, outreach training, pastors, church leaders, and anyone interested in reaching out to those who don't (yet) believe in Christ.

3 Key Features of the 10 Q&A on Atheism and Agnosticism PowerPoint® Lesson

Some Christians are intimidated by the idea of sharing their faith with atheists and agnostics because they've never been equipped with the tools and reasoning to have thoughtful discussions. With just the click of a mouse, easily give your students the confidence they need with this ready-to-use apologetics PowerPoint®

1. Easily Compare What Atheists, Agnostics, and the Bible Teach!

Easily teach what atheists, agnostics, and Christians believe and learn to navigate thoughtful discussions and witness effectively. This evangelizing to atheists and agnostics PowerPoint® presentation provides easy-to-understand explanations of atheist, agnostic, and biblical answers to important questions such as—

  • Is belief in God compatible with science? — Evolution & Creationism
  • What about all the evil done in the name of God? — Morality
  • Is there life after death? — Mortality
  • Is there meaning and purpose to life? — Ethics & Philosophy
  • and much more!

2. Practical — Give Your Class the Confidence to Witness to Atheists and Agnostics

Empower your class with unshakeable confidence in their faith! This apologetics teaching PowerPoint® includes Scriptures, thought-provoking quotes from leading experts, and fascinating facts from the fields of biology, archaeology, philosophy, logic, and more! With the click of a mouse, enjoy having access to these tools—

  • Responses to 10 common claims atheists and agnostics make, including:
    • The Bible is outdated or full of errors
    • Jesus was an important philosopher, but not God
    • There's no way to prove God's existence
    • and much more!
  • 10 Do's and Don'ts on how to reach out to those who don't believe in God
  • Thought-provoking arguments and quotes from experts from each viewpoint (apologist William Lane Craig, atheist Richard Dawkins, Mark Twain, etc.) and answers from the Bible

3. Reproducible Worksheets and Notes to Teach an Incredible Evangelism or Apologetics Presentation

Teaching your class to know what they believe has never been easier. Included in the PowerPoint® CD you will find—

  • Handy notes and additional references for teaching and your students
  • Illustrated printable handouts on:
    • Quotes on Science, God and the Evolution of Man
    • Scientists Speak Out Against Evolution
  • Tips for talking with Atheists & Agnostics
  • A list of need-to-know key terms and definitions like: Empiricism, Naturalism, Transcendent, Worldview, and much more!
  • Additional resources and further reading on apologetics, evangelism, atheism, and agnosticism
Give your class or Bible study the tools they need to know to witness to atheists and agnostics and equip them with a practical knowledge and skill of impactful evangelism!

Use for —

  • Individual study
  • Discipleship
  • Small Group or Sunday School class
  • Christian School
  • Homeschoolers
  • New Believers' class
  • Church library

See the Rose Publishing PowerPoint® FAQs. These FAQs include help for iPad® users.

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